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20 Replies to “WHAT I ACTUALLY DO AS A DIGITAL MARKETER | Day In The Life Of A Digital Marketer + How I Got Started”

    1. I wanted to work aa digital marketer please let me know from where I can do it. Online class is better for me.. Please suggest.

    2. In 2011 when I was in the 8th grade I started working on free blogs on blogger and in 2016 that time age 16 I launched my two blogs at that time I am actually pretty good with SEO and ranking blogs on search engines, and I learn from experience and youtube and I did get the first-page rank in just in one month in Google. Recently I did Digital Marketing and E-commerce certification on Google.

    3. I’m new to Ca and also a digital marketing manager. Is it me or is it hard to get a job in digital marketing 😢

    4. hello❤im a college student about to graduate🎉.thanku for sharing the information about digital marketing,i hope i can find a job of digital marketing 😊

  1. Very interesting, because I also work in digital marketing but my resposibilities are very different. I mostly work with paid ads for various platforms, tagging and tracking and lots of data analysis.

  2. It all just seems so bullshitty, convoluted, annoying, parasitic and unfufilling. Like you don’t actually even do anything good or necessary. Where does the actual money come from? Where is the actual value? These types of jobs just don’t seem sustainable. It’s like all spinning wheels pretendo funny money bs. Just internet pollution, spamming, misleading and bothering people. Sorry but the bottom has to fall out on all this nonsense at some point because like honestly nobody needs any of it in fact much better off without it.

  3. I’m currently interviewing for a job in digital marketing – I’ve never done it before and I’m not really sure what to expect but I hope I get it – this video was awesome would love to see more content about your job 🥰

  4. Guys don’t go into digital marketing, it seems fancy at first but salary is too low comparing to the actual work you need to do. Finance is so much better!

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