How can I encourage rooting naturally without artificial hormone?

Encouraging cuttings to root and survive without a boost from rooting hormone requires providing adequate care and a proper environment conducive to the rooting process.

First consider the time of year when attempting to grow out cuttings. In spring and summer, the plants will naturally produce more rooting hormone. In winter, however, it’ll take longer for a plant to develop roots without aid, and therefore may benefit from being supplemented with additional hormones.

Try to take cuttings in the morning, when they’ve just been hydrated, and have plenty of water so they don’t dry out too quickly. 

Temperature is another crucial factor. Most cuttings will root best in 75°F to 79°F, though this will depend on the specific plant. Bottom heat from heated propagators or heated mats can help to create a suitably warm, even temperature.

Bright indirect sunlight, or grow lights where necessary, promotes fast root development.

If you’re propagating cuttings in water, use a small container so that naturally produced rooting hormones – do not get diluted. All leaves, if present, should remain out of the water to avoid rotting. 

If you want to grow organic plants, you may not want to use synthetic rooting hormones, as many contain non-natural fungicides and other additives. If you wish to use organic aides, you could use cinnamon as an antifungal/antibacterial agent if you’re worried about infections.

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