Our posts have been few and far between this summer and for good reason: spring, summer, and fall are our busy periods with crops going in, harvests coming out, and infrastructure and research projects to push forward. Today, we’ll be giving you a short update of the various things going on around here — with plenty of pictures.

Compost in various states of decomposition.

Compost Study — Hot Box Composting

We’re running a compost study funded by USDA’s Sustainable Agriculture and Research Education grant. We’ve created boxes that hold a yard of organic materials and blow oxygen through them to help them compost. The heat, moisture, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen given off by the decomposing materials are pushed through a grow bed, sustaining the plants there. These are small-scale versions of what has been used on the large scale to grow greens during the colder months in greenhouses without external heat. We’ll be doing a full post to update our progress to date.

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