If you’re flying to a warm-weather destination, is it okay to get in the mood by wearing a bathing suit on the flight? One woman certainly thought it was just fine to stride through Miami International Airport without pants on.

Woman Walks Through Miami Airport Without Pants On

A woman was captured on film going through security at Miami wearing a neon yellow top that said Costa Rica on it…and no pants. Live and let’s live?

She seemed to be struggling to pull her three carry-on items as she waited in the airport security line.

Airlines do not allow three carry-on items (some don’t even allow a single larger item any longer) so she may have had a greater battle at the gate ahead of her than her choice to leave her pants at home.


As Gary Leff put it, “People don’t dress up to fly the way they used to.

And at airports in South Florida sometimes they barely dress up at all.” These days, I tend to shrug at stories like this. Even so, it is indeed a reminder that not only have we given up dressing up to fly, but we’ve given up the idea of even covering up in public places.

(image: @dade / Instagram // H/T: View From The Wing)

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