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From the creators of Nations of Darkness, StarFortune presents to us another enchanting title, World of Water, a match-3 game that dives into the immersive realm of aquatic exploration. World of Water offers the player a captivating journey through a well-crafted underwater world.

At the core of World of Water lies an interesting tale that is told through the lens of environmental storytelling and player driven discovery. As players explore the depths of the Underwater, he or she will find an ancient civilization that once flourished beneath the ocean’s surface. The player will unlock the secrets of its downfall. The tale of the World of Water is told via visual elements and mysterious sea creatures.

Set on a coral reef, World of Water masterfully evokes the serenity and the dangers of the title’s underwater realm. In this game, players are tasked with the objective of creating a better breeding ground for their fish species.

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Destroy the Enemy Fish

In a bid to expand your territory, the player must fight against enemy fish that inhabit it. To do so, he has to match three or more shapes. When the three or more identical shapes are combined, a simple attack is made. When the shapes are four, the attack becomes explosive. Attacks inflict the highest amount of damage when the identical shapes reach five.

The game playing techniques of World of Water strike a balance between survival and exploration. The players are assigned to navigate the treacherous underwater landscapes.

They also have the duties of solving environmental puzzles and interacting with a diverse array of marine life.

The controls of the game are responsive and intuitive, paving the way for fluid movement through the game’s underwater world.

Make your Fish Stay Alive

In the midst of everything going on in the World of Water, the player has to meticulously carry out attacks to keep his or her fish alive. The player is equipped with an army always on the ready when enemy fish attack. There are several tasks that he has to complete in order to keep his fish healthy. They include, recommendation, building, hunting, development, war preparation and economy tasks. With each task, the player has to perform specific duties to expand and keep the coral safe for the fish.

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Replay Value

World of Water starts out strong, but along the way, the plot somehow gets lost. There are too many flashes of advertisements and microtransactions everywhere. Unfortunately, one cannot click anywhere on the screen without being asked to purchase something.

Nonetheless, the artwork of World of Water is stunning and very realistic and the game combat is engaging. The game offers multiple endings and hidden secrets waiting to be discovered. If you can look past World of Water`s constant request for money there`s a lot to like here.  Whether you are a hardcore explorer looking to find every nook and cranny or a casual explorer waiting to enjoy the ocean’s sound and sights, there is something in the world of water for you.




Is It Hardcore?


Despite its microtransactions, World f Water`s art work is stunning and it has very interesting puzzle combats.

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