Wrist-Leveling Diamond Bracelets For The Modern Women

Diamond Bracelets – The Perfect Way To Level Up Your Wrist Game

Girls love adorning themselves with diamond jewelry on their fingers, neck, earlobes, and even toes. Another classic spot is the wrist which can change the whole dressing game for a girl. Diamond bracelets add a touch of grace and sophistication to the otherwise plain and boring dress.

It was in 5000 BCE in Egypt that bracelets became quite popular. Some bracelets found in Russia are even almost 40,000 years old. Men and women wore them until the Middle Ages, when they became an accessory, especially for women. In the 17th century, bracelets re-emerged as an extremely fashionable accessory for women. In the 20th century, men started wearing quite simple bracelets in design, whereas women wore bracelets of different designs.

Stefee jewels provide Diamond bracelets for women with different designs and arrangements. They are stylish, contemporary, and perfect for a modern woman like you!

Why Should You Go For Lab Grown Diamond Bracelets?

Lab grown diamond bracelets have recently gained a lot of attention and limelight in recent years. Let us check out a few reasons why you should choose them instead of mined ones.


Diamond bracelets designs grown in labs are more cost-effective than their natural counterparts. They are less costly as there is a balance between the demand and supply of diamonds. Lab grown bracelets do not put a dent in your budget, and thus you can afford to buy a bigger carat bracelet at the same price. With lab grown diamonds, you never have to worry about the astronomical price tag and can easily buy them to gift to your loved ones.

Same appearance as natural diamonds 

Lab grown bracelets look similar to naturally mined gemstones. One cannot visually differentiate between the two as they both are made of carbon and have similar physical, chemical, and optical properties. Lab grown diamonds’ charm, aura, and glamour are at par with natural diamonds. Thus, you get similar bling, sophistication, grace, and allure to lab grown bracelets at a lesser and budget-friendly price.

Ethical and sustainable 

Diamond bracelets grown in labs are ethical and good for the environment. The manufacturing process of lab grown diamonds is harmless to the environment and is very eco-friendly. No exploitation of workers or depletion of natural resources takes place. Thus, you get the satisfaction of purchasing something environmentally-friendly and sustainable. They are conflict-free and environmentally safe.

Improved quality and greater purity

Designer diamond bracelets grown in labs have no ingrained impurities or dirt. They exhibit fewer signs of strain and defects in their crystals since they are made in a controlled environment. Improvement in purity means that a lab grown diamond is better, whiter, and brighter. In fact, as per a recent study, your bracelet made in labs will receive a higher purity rating than its natural counterparts.

Our Favorite Diamond Bracelets Design For You!

Bazel Set 5 Diamond Bracelet

The design of the bazel set 5 diamond bracelet is quite minimalistic and simple. If you are looking for lab grown diamond earrings and do not like grand and extravagant designs, this jewelry is perfect. It is available in metal shades of yellow, white, and rose gold and its clarity grade is VS. The gross weight of the jewelry is 1.550, and its color grade is G to I.

Five diamonds are studded in the bracelet at regular intervals. Round diamonds curated in the ornament add that touch of poise and charm. The simple design of the bracelet and beautifully studded diamonds amp up the entire look of the jewelry.

If you are looking for diamond bracelets that you can wear with your workwear or your brunch look, this bracelet is the perfect fit! The simple and sober design of the bracelet gives a professional look you wish to carry at your workplace.

If you are looking for the perfect anniversary gift for your partner or want to treat yourself to an achievement, you should go for this jewelry piece.

Bazel Set 5 Diamond Bracelet

Cluster Diamond Bracelet

The design of cluster diamond bracelets is magnificent and glorious. If you are looking for blingy and splendid designs and want to stand out from the crowd, this bracelet is made just for you. Its clarity grade is VS and is available in white, yellow, and rose gold metal hues. The gross weight of this exceptional jewelry is 21.706, and its color grade is G to I.

217 diamonds are studded in the diamond bracelets in a floral pattern. The gemstone’s floral pattern looks graceful, elegant, and charming. The design of the bracelets beautifully elevates the entire look of the jewelry. This bracelet is perfect for you if you are looking for the perfect jewelry to pair with your evening party outfit. The imposing and splendid design of the bracelet will give you a spectacular look you wish to carry at the party.

Cluster Diamond Bracelet

Love Chain Bracelet

The design of the love chain bracelet is very romantic and delightful. If you are looking for the perfect gift for your partner to express your love most charmingly, this bracelet is perfect for you. The jewelry is available in metal tones of rose, yellow, and white gold and has a clarity grade of VS. The gross weight of the diamond bracelets is 3.178 and has a color grade of G to I.

The diamond bracelets is made of the word ‘LOVE’ and has 39 diamonds studded in the letter. The diamonds studded in the ‘LOVE’ give the bracelet the loving and endearing it should have. The metal band of the jewelry is simple and minimalistic, as the entire focus of the ornament is on the tiny diamonds curated on the letter. You can say that the design of the bracelet is quite unique and extraordinary. It will serve as your partner’s perfect anniversary gift or valentine’s day gift.

Love Chain Bracelet

Round Tennis Bracelet

The design of the round tennis diamond bracelets is classy and chic. If you prefer something unique and unusual, there are various designs of tennis bracelets available for glamorous women like you! The jewelry is available in 14 karat yellow, rose, and white gold metal tones and has a G to I colour grade. The gross weight of the jewelry is 11.21 and has a clarity grade of VS.

The beautiful diamond bracelet is made of 65 round diamonds. It is made of a line of diamonds with the same cut, clarity, color, and carat weight that are put side by side to make a complete circle. You can wear this bracelet on its own or pair it with other diamond jewelry to make a statement. The versatility and flexibility of this piece of ornament make it a perfect accessory for any woman. You can purchase these diamond bracelets online from our website to surprise your girlfriend or your parents with the most amazing gift that they can imagine.

Round Tennis Bracelet – Large

Lab grown diamonds India is changing the face of the diamond industry. The various benefits of purchasing lab grown diamond jewelry have made millennials a favorite among millennials. As we understand from the blog, diamond bracelets play an important part in leveling up a girl’s outfit. You can thus check out the latest collection of bracelets to purchase the perfect piece of ornament for your lady love!

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