e id=”tw-target-text” class=”wp-block-preformatted”>The brightest time of the year is upon us and The Mall Firenze celebrates it with Xmas Factory: the exclusive Christmas event which, from November 21st to January 8th, will transform the spaces into a real factory of dreams with a vintage flavor, between enchantings decorations and magical atmospheres. The journey to discover the enchanted village begins at the entrance staircase, where big red trees and direction signs in Nordic style invite guests to enter the corridors of the Tuscan destination, embellished with illuminated red trees, boule de neige in maxi format and decorated arches. Once through its door, the Xmas Factory looks like a room of wonders, full of themed elements and objects, from carousels to garlands, from Nutcrackers to snow balls: an enchanted corner where you can relax, play and pack your purchases with gift paper and sticker. A few steps away, the Dream Room welcomes visitors into an infinite space and bewitching, made of cascades of silver spheres, sequins and sound effects for an immersive experience, perfect for social media posts. In the same heady atmosphere, plenty of room for flavors and surprises with the delicious non-alcoholic fruit punch and cinnamon reserved for guests and various activities dedicated to children on weekends. The Mall Firenze thus inaugurates the Christmas season to the rhythm of beauty and uniqueness: the ideal place where experience firsthand the true essence of the holidays

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