Teen Girls are actually fun and easy to shop for- there are SO many things that they are into. Pia helped me with a list of things that she would love, and I hope you find some great ideas for your teen girl. Don’t forget to check out my other list for Stocking Stuffers and Gifts under $30

There are lots of ideas for your teen girls there. My Tween gift guide is here too is you have a barely teen or younger kiddo.

2020 Teen Gift Guide for Girls

-Pia really wants a Skateboard this year and I thought this was a really cute one, as is this one.  Or maybe Rollerskates are a little more their speed? These trendy new skates couldn’t be more cute!

-Since my teenager is absolutely obsessed with taking pictures on her phone I like the idea of a mini printer. Here are two great options: Printers for phone: Fuji Film Smart Phone printer or  Kodak Dock Plus Portable Instant Photo Printer: 

-I am so excited about this Portable Projector and Screen. With all of the time that I expect the girls to be watching movies this winter, this projector seems like a really great gift idea. Also would be wonderful for a tween.  

-If you have a teen that loves a day planner as much as Pia does, then you probably can’t go wrong with The Ideal Planner (from Emma Chamberlain)- Pia looooves her. 

-Pia really wants to learn how to do this so I am eyeing this DIY Arm Knitting Kit. 

-I always am looking for creative ways to get Pia off the screen time, so I love this very inspiring “How to draw cool stuff” book. With a sketch pad and some nice pencils this is a great book! 

-If your teen is like mine, then they may be lusting for Air Pods.  These Stockholm ear buds are another option that is cute and more economical!

-RBG, Gone but not forgotten. This figurine will take a place of pride on Pia’s desk without a doubt.

-I don’t even want to think about what most teens phones look like in the germ department. It makes this Phone sanitizer and wireless charger seem like a very attractive gift option. ALSO, just the idea of not having to figure out which daughter stole my phone charger makes this one a slam dunk for me!

-These cute glittery snow globe picture frames are a great little gift your tween will love to customize.

-This is an oldie, but still very much a goodie! Fuji insta camera 

-Heated Slippers. enough said I think.

2020 Teen Gift Guide for Girls


-These are the most major lust moment for my girl: Comme de garcon Hightops. And here are some very cool Converse that are just as awesome at a lower price point AND are on sale!!

-Nike Air Force 1’s still reign supreme in the cool department and these are Pia’s FAVORITE shoes and she wears them all the time with everything.  

-Had to also mention these Blazers which Pia has ear marked. They have these in a bunch of different color combos and they are so cute. 

-She probably needs a cute duo of Tie-dye socks to go with the new sneakers!  

-Pia is an athlete and loves Nike Sweats. I saw this matching set and it’s a great buy PLUS on sale!! Sweatpants and Sweatshirt

-I love these cute Sportsbras to tuck into their stockings.  

-Pia lives in Oversized sweats most of the time. This set was approved in size large or XL (and she’s a tiny 5′ 4″!!)  

-If you have a teen who is due for a new winter coat, this North Face eco-puff jacket is a wish list item for Pia. She also had her eye on this Metallic Puffer Jacket.  I like this Ella Puffer Coat and think that the colors are so pretty! And if you have a teen who loves color and needs a cool, warm coat- these Save the Ducks jackets are so on trend right now and very cute PLUS they are 50% off right now!!

-This Cropped Funnel Neck Sweater is so cute and so is this one!

2020 Teen Gift Guide for Girls


Since wearing a mask everywhere you go is the new normal, I like it that the girls can have their own that they are responsible for and love to wear as part of their outfit. This Baggu Mask set is really cute.

I love this Aurora Ring Set for Pia, its totally her style. So is this heart ring.  And I think that this Peace sign Ring holder is not only cute, but will help her not to lose naything!

I also think that this 18K gold earrings set is very pretty and a lovely gift.  These are nice if you have a teen that has interactions with cheap metal like skin turning green, or infected ears which is really common. 

These Isha Huggie earrings and they are so cool.  

This Custom 14K gold nameplate necklace is amazing- but it takes a few weeks to get it customized so order early!  Or this Delicate Monogram Necklace is so pretty.  

This Ribbed cashmere beanie is so cute and well priced- Pia loves the rose gold color.  And this Ribbed Beanie with faux Fur pom pom is so cute- the orange color  is fantastic! Looking for an awesome bargain? check out this cute beanie 2-pack for $10!!

These Fingerless ribbed gloves will give them all of their texting abilities while still keeping their little hands warm! I also love this light weight scarf that is good for any season and the prettiest color.

2020 Teen Gift Guide for Girls


I see Pia leaving jewelry all over on the tops of every surface in her room and bathroom, This Vegan Leather Jewelry case will help keep her organized.  I also love this Mini jewelry case which is great for travel.  

Pia is about ready for her own set of Makeup brushes, and these are pretty and functional.

My daughter takes her skin care routine very seriously! This Mini-Fridge for Skin care is so cute and way less expensive than many other versions I have seen.

This Waterproof Cosmetic bag comes in a bunch of cute colors and is highly functional.  

Even my girls need cute toiletry bags to toss into their backpacks and purses- this one is so cute.  

This Mark Jacobs Mascara and this Shishedo eye lash curler would be a sure-fire hit!

Fanny Packs are basically a staple of this era considering Covid and 2020. Even kids don’t want to be dragging bags around and need a safe, clean place to store their mask, sanitizer, etc.  The fact that fanny packs are hands-free is a bonus!




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