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No doubt, it is a workaholic’s dream to have a mindset that doesn’t burn out. Cut to reality – humans are not meant to work all the time; they’re required to look after themselves physically, mentally and emotionally from time to time. 

A great company that has high aspirations for tremendous growth needs out of the box solutions, and we happen to have not one, but many team building activities. That involves your team members, coworkers and employees. They are the reason your company has reached a certain point, which means they deserve a little dose of the outdoors for their well being. 

That has brought us, Avalanche Adventure, to curate a special list of fun yet fruitful corporate activities that can fuel a new sense of energy in your team. 

If you’re ready to boost your team members’ morale, here are a few of the many outdoor activities we offer. Read along! 

1. Blindfold Driving 

corporate activities; Blindfold Driving at Avalanche Adventure

A great option for stag/hen do and corporate activities, blindfold driving is meant for people to come together and feel like they’ve achieved something when the session ends. 

Specially made for testing your teamwork skills, this activity can challenge your team members around a twisty course! It accounts for a prominent corporate team building activity where your team’s commutation skills are tested. 

The challenge is equally for the blindfolded driver and the passengers; they’re expected to synchronise their narratives and help the driver reach a certain point in the least time possible. 

Perfect for a corporate day out, blindfold driving can help your team members come together and develop a sense of confidence in one another. 

2. Avalanche’s Team Building Activity 

corporate activities; Team Development Training at Avalanche Adventure

Fitting like a puzzle piece for when you are looking for corporate activities, Avalanche’s team building/training activity is perfect for a day out with your team. 

Based on the number of people you accompany, we can work together to find the right activities for you that meets all of your requirements! 

With this training, your team can get the opportunity to work together and bring forth enthusiasm, and energy that is required for an improved and strengthened workplace environment. 

It is that customisable set of activities you’re looking for, the one that is curated according to your needs and requirements. 

3. Lost Explorer Experience 

corporate activities; Lost Explorer Experience at Avalanche Adventure

We can’t get enough out of the box experiences. That has brought us to bring you the Lost Explorer Experience – a unique way to bring your team together, an unconventional experience that will tickle all your explorer senses. 

This experience brings out your curious self, something that is extremely important to have a fuller experience in any outdoor adventure. 

The activity is a close encounter with nature where your team members can experience tasks that test their survival skills. 

It takes you on a journey where you and your team members will explore and test everything from fire skills, shelter building, water sourcing and rescue – all that when clubbed with your coworkers, you’re bound to feel more connected towards the end of the activity. 

To Sum Up… 

Outdoor activities have scientific reasoning behind them for being so accurately beneficial for your well being. They are your ‘once in a while’ episodes that can help you revive, fuel energy and tackle issues every day with a newfound breath of fresh air. 

Being in the open helps you take a step back and look at all things you have been doing. It assists you by giving a breathing space to understand what more can be achieved in the timeframe that life has given you. 

Book Your Slot With Avalanche Adventure for Team Building 

Avalanche Adventure promises fun, but it gives equal importance to safety. Corporate activities require more people, meaning it brings the need to put more precautions in place for all the members of your group. 

We ensure to keep this in check; our professionals are by your side and give you plenty of space to explore once they brief you. Additionally, we provide essential equipment for the activities we offer, to ensure an uninterrupted run of your experience. 

If you wish to understand more about our commitment to all that’s mentioned, get in touch with us right away!

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