So, you have a visitor on your website. What do you do to make him stay? And above all, how do you monetize that website traffic? You have about 10 seconds with you to introduce yourself, state your Unique Value Proposition (USP) and keep him hooked. So, what should you do?

  1. State a strong value proposition: While developing your website, make sure that the design and the banners deliver your value proposition in one go. Users don’t want to spend a lot of time figuring out as to what you are offering. Your website should:
  • Have a self-explanatory headline
  • A sub- headline to support the headline
  • Easy to understand
  • Bullet points
  • Visuals to elaborate the idea
  • Explain the features
  1. Be clear about your services: While writing about your services, be clear about what you are planning to offer, what all will the service contain and real benefits that the service is going to provide to the user.
  2. Skip the Jargon: Use of jargons makes people skip the page altogether. Since they don’t quickly understand what you’d like to convey, they switch to another similar website. To keep the users hooked, speak to them in a language that they easily understand. Easier headings, subheadings and content gives them more confidence on your services and hence they will like to give it a try. You can also ask for a feedback and conduct surveys regarding your services.
  3. Give them offers to keep them hooked: Every website needs to engage its traffic only if it explicitly offers to help them in one way or another. The user should get a feeling that the website will be of some benefit to him in terms of knowledge or service information. Here are a few things that you can provide:
  • Reviews and Testimonials: Product Reviews and customer testimonials establish trust amongst the users for the product or the service.
  • Cash on Delivery/ Money back Guarantee: Cash On Delivery or a 30- day money back guarantee lets the user at least try the product atleast once. The users feel a sense of satisfaction while purchasing the product.
  • Discount coupons and offers: When discount coupons are offered, customers feel intrigued in purchasing the product, albeit at a lower price. This gives you an edge over competitive websites and trigger a purchase.
  1. Let them test your product: Giving a trial offer of 7 days, 14 days or even a month lets the user try your product and establish confidence. You may choose to block out a few integral features which may result in a purchase. It is only with trust that you will be able to strike higher conversion rates.
  2. Offer an email blog subscription or a book: An email blog subscription or a helpful ebook will let your users register through the download form. This will generate an emailing list for you and brings you one step closer to making a sale.
  3. Nurture leads through email: To generate an email list takes a lot of time. And to overdo that list takes mere minutes. Instead of spamming the emails, send insightful and highly interesting blogs that click with the readers. By doing this, you might just be able to bring the customers back to your website. Other than blogs, you can share videos and webinars as well.
  4. Compelling CTA’s: When it comes to writing Call-To-Actions, don’t write “strong” CTAs. Don’t force your reader to subscribe to your newsletter or contact the sales rep. Write “softer” CTAs. Just show them the way and let them follow it.

While everybody is stressing on business development, it is important to keep doing different things to attract traffic on the website. It is only with the right marketing strategy and tactics can one convert the traffic into viable business leads. Start with a strong and a compelling value proposition and everything will lead itself.

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