Aamara in VOCO Hotel is a dining spot that definitely merits a second visit

It’s a fine dining and gastronomic experience that takes you on a culinary journey through the
flavors of ancient trading route spread from Far East to Mediterranean region known today as the Silk Route.  Simply put it is an exquisite fusion of Indian, Arabic and Mediterranean flavors.

During our visit, the restaurant’s large dining room was relatively quiet, with music playing at a reasonable volume and no TVs in sight. Decorated walls of cobalt blue spread across the space provide a beautiful backdrop to a blend of modern and ancient patterns of the printed chairs and subtle warm lights, highlighting the intense colors of the food.

The menu inspired by the oldest trading route in the world includes cold plates, small plates, big plates, and sides that span meat, fish, and vegetarian dishes – with the flavors just as impressive as their rich hues.

Chef Malik Basha, Executive Chef at Aamara said, “We have embarked on a journey to create a menu that transports historical discoveries from the Silk Routes and fascinations into a new and evolving modern dining experience. And if you want to discover more about its history and want it to delight you with all its dishes, we are waiting for you at Aamara.”

The tasting experience started with the Hummus, fresh za’atar pesto, onion focaccia, this was so good that I will be happy if we were served only this.  The Chaat sundae is definitely a must-try to see how this humble dish was given a fine-dining twist, a tad too sweet on its own for me but eaten with the more savoury dishes, it is the perfect palate cleanser.

The Butterfly prawn, muhammara chutney, candied walnut was a bit overcooked but bursting with flavours. The Chicken momo, chili oil is not your traditional momo, it has an oriental kick from the Chinese-inspired chili oil.

Surprises of the night were the Za’atar kebab, preserved lemon, cherry tomato, olive pickle and the Tofu kofta, malai curry, both vegetarian dishes concocted to stand out on its own and not just a mere meat substitute.

The Traditional butter chicken and the Chicken biryani were good but I didn’t really taste the “fusion” but rather more of a dialed down version of these two classics.

We ended the evening with a bang with the Opera, almond mousse, coffee ice cream – a deconstructed Opera cake that was as good to watch as it was to eat.

Keep your cameras ready.

Every dish brought to the table will wow you. Whether it’s the presentation or the live cooking theatricals, the team at Aamara is determined to offer you an elevated dining experience to cherish.

With its curated menu and rich interior. Aamara does an excellent job of making all these complex cuisines of the Silk Route approachable, without dumbing down the flavors ( generally ). It’s that kind of restaurant where lovers of said cuisines and novices can find equal enjoyment.

Address: VOCO Hotel – Level 2 – Sheikh Zayed Rd – Trade Centre – Trade Centre 1 – Dubai

Instagram: @aamara.ae

Website: www.aamara.ae

Contact: 052 573 5723

Timings: 12noon-11.30pm Cost for Two: AED 550

written by : Derek Garcia

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