Sunglasses are essential in the modern world where everyone aspires to look fashionable. They add to an individual’s style and elevate the simplest of wardrobes. People also wear their shades protect their eyes on sunny days from harmful ultraviolet rays. Every face shape has a type of sunglass that may enhance their overall look. Whether you opt for square, cat-eye, or aviator, we’ve set out to find the best sunglasses for men to make the search a little easier.

A fascinating study reveals that despite the sun’s year-round presence, 39 percent of Americans — for some reason — mistakenly believe sunglasses are only for summer. The survey also finds that 42 percent of respondents admit they don’t think about how their eyes are being affected when spending a long time outside. In reality, it is recommended to avoid more than 30 minutes of sun exposure each day. So, if you are a sun-lover, you might want to consider protective sunglasses year-round.

Although the sun can be harmful, a study shows it has benefits for our sleep quality as well. Getting outside for at least a little while and soaking in some daytime light, even when it’s cloudy, can help us sleep soundly at night, new research from the University of Washington suggests. So, if you are looking for a way to catch some more Z’s, make sure your eyes are protected when soaking in the sun.

For both protection and style, we’ve selected the top five best sunglasses for men after reviewing 12 expert websites. In the market for a new pair? Check out our list below. If you don’t see you favorite set of shades listed, let us know in the comments below!

The List: Best Sunglasses For Men, According To Fashion Pros

1. Persol 714 Pilot Sunglasses

Men’s Health writes, “If these sunglasses were good enough for Steve McQueen, they’re good enough for us. These classic foldable frames from Persol were originally introduced in the ‘60s, but look just as stylish for the modern man of today. It’s the small details, like two-toned acetate, that give these scratch-resistant sunglasses a major boost of style without you having to opt for a wild-looking pair of shades.”

Persol 714 sunglasses
Persol 714 sunglasses

“Persol is a premier designer of optical frames and sunglasses. The name Persol translates to ‘for the sun’ in Italian. The 714 is the first-ever foldable sunglasses, launched in the 1960s. The frame features a unique keyhole bridge and an iconic pilot shape. It remains popular with celebrities and fashion leaders due to its super clarity and impeccable fit,” says The Coolist

“Vespas, brown leather gloves, and well-made linen suits are all hallmarks of Italian fashion, but they’re not alone. Persol sunglasses are just one more example of Italy’s tremendous influence on pop culture and fashion,” notes He Spoke Style. “Now, Persol sunglasses are widely recognized for their timelessness and iconic design. Although the brand keeps to its artisan roots, it also has an ever-evolving style that emphasizes quality, comfort, and function.”

2. Ray-Ban Wayfarer Original Classic

Outdoor Gear Lab includes it in their top five sunglasses list. “The Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer Classic has truly never gone out of style, looking as great today as they did when they debuted in 1952. We found them attractive on every face and with every style, giving off that cool-as-a-cucumber laidback vibe that so many of us love. They work just as well with board shorts as they do with a polo shirt — even a lot of women love these glasses. Though no sunglasses are truly unbreakable, these are hefty and robust, lending a serious level of credibility to their durability — backed up by an almost unheard of seven-barrel hinges on each side.”

Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses.
Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses. (Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash)

“It wouldn’t be a complete list without a pair of Ray-Bans front and center, right? And of all the stylish sunglasses on the market, perhaps you think immediately of one style specifically — the Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer Sunglasses, of course,” says Gear Moose. “These are the sunglasses pioneered by style legends for generations, never gone for long when it comes to enduring trends and timeless style.”

“The original and (arguably) best, Ray-Ban’s classic Wayfarer is the frame that started it all. It’s available in all sorts of finishes but this solid black version is the OG and remains a men’s style mainstay to this day. A true essential, up there with the likes of the plain white tee, running water and a nice bit of oxygen to breathe,” concludes GQ Magazine.  

3. Ray-Ban Classic Aviators

Trip Savvy ranks it at the top of its list. “They’re iconic for a reason. Ray-Ban’s classic aviators come in a wide variety, from black frames and green lenses to polished silver frames with silver-gray lenses. You can also find the right frame width for your head, pop in prescription lenses, or make them polarized. Originally designed for military use, they block 85 percent of visible light and most blue light, too.”

Ray-Ban classic Aviator sunglasses
Ray-Ban classic Aviator sunglasses. (Photo by Adrian Regeci on Unsplash)

“Aviator sunglasses are a classic style, and whether you’ve seen Top Gun or not, you’ve more than likely seen a pair or two with this style before. And while you can find a lot of knockoffs out there that mimic the style, Ray Ban Classic Aviators are the real deal,” adds Active. “Authentic Ray Bans have polarized lenses made of glass that are scratch-resistant. Some lens styles even have a moisture-wicking component to make sure your vision is always clear.

Ray Bans also have durable metal frames that can withstand a lot of wear and tear (not that you should be throwing your sunglasses around but still).”

“The Ray-Bans Aviator comes in a variety of colors and sizes, so you’ll be sure to find the right fit for your face, whether you’re the President of the United States or just a regular, everyday quintessential man.

With exceptional performance, quality and comfort, Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses are always a fantastic, classic choice, and are most definitely some of the best aviator sunglasses you can buy,” explains Q Man

4. Huckberry Weekenders

Men’s Health states that it is the best bang for your buck and writes, “A simple, lightweight, modern Wayfarer design with a durable construction is all any guy’s sunglasses game needs. When you consider the value of these bad boys, the Weekenders are a classic styling option that’s all-too-easy to re-up on when you need a fresh pair of shades. They come in a wide array of colors and only cost you $35 for a polarized pair. Yeah, these shades are good.”

Huckberry Weekenders
Huckberry Weekenders

“Huckberry sunglasses are stylish, durable, and highly affordable. They look like a sporty version of Wayfarers but are built for durability and an active lifestyle,” mentions The Coolist. “The special temple design makes for a snug and comfortable fit, so your sunglasses won’t be flying off and won’t wear you down when worn all day long. The polarized lenses block UV rays while preventing glare.”

“Cheap sunglasses that look and perform much better than some junk you got at 7/11. Polarized lenses too. On the smaller side of medium, and some may find them to wear just small. Lots of colors to pick from, with some frame and lens combinations drifting in and out of stock. Lightweight. Comfortable. Inexpensive. Maybe won’t set the world alight, but for $35 (and sometimes less), they’ll be an adventure companion for plenty. Even if that adventure is an early morning coffee & bagel run,” adds Dappered

5. Warby Parker

Miami Herald rates its overall quality 4.7 out of 5 and says, “Warby Parker is the best sunglasses for men who want high-quality and customizable lenses and frames. Warby Parker also delivers the best prescription sunglasses with a frame of choice, especially round sunglasses. Warby Parker helps turn most prescription lenses into the best sunglasses for men. The brand has quality features such as scratch resistance, protection against UV rays, and akulon-coated screws to increase durability. Polarized lenses are also used in most sunglasses to reduce glare.”

New York Post ranks it at number one. “That’s Warby Parker’s style, as they allow you to pick out up to five frames to try on at home, making sure you love the way you look when you decide to buy a pair, or two, or five. Browse either men’s sunglasses or go to the women’s section and toggle the left button to see which styles are available for at-home try-on. On the go? Don’t worry, as their glasses come with scratch-resistant lenses, perfect for your beach bag. Warby Parker also offers prescription lenses in any of their sunglass frames, starting at $195 and are now FSA and HSA eligible.”

“Armed with clever branding and support from Gen Zers and Millennials with hipster tendencies, it didn’t take long for the brand to achieve cult status. Now, Warby Parker is one of the go-to brands for people looking for modern, stylish eyewear. Warby Parker’s success can be accredited to three critical elements: style, fit, and exceptional customer service. The materials they use are durable, comfortable, and high-quality. Additionally, Warby Parker makes it easier than ever for consumers to buy sunglasses. When you buy Warby Parker, you have your pick of styles and sizes, from the Durand to the Locke and Percey. Plus, the brand takes out the guesswork when it comes to purchasing the perfect pair of frames,” writes He Spoke Style


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