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I know our feet are all itching since we’ve been stuck in our homes due to COVID-19. With the announcement of easing some travel restrictions, both local and international, comes the buzz of holiday trips. Of course, getaways mean flaunting your fancy travel bags. In this post, we’re summing up the top 3 travel bags in the Philippines.

We all want a great deal, don’t we? But what does a “great deal” mean when it comes to buying travel bags. Quick answer, quality and sturdy bag offered at an affordable price. Adventure Bags got you covered. With their Travel Bag King, you can own a decent travel bag that comes with a free shoe bag. It’s unisex and comes with a large compartment, front and inner pockets, and a detachable sling.

Adventure Travel Bag King
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Doughnut Macaroon, mmm, sounds tasty just like the weekend trip you’re daydreaming of. This highly stylish backpack is perfect for quick weekend getaways. Although it’s on the pricier side, this compact travel bag can fit in all your essentials including your iPad, laptop, water bottle, and of course clothes. What I like about this backpack is that it has adjustable straps that secure everything inside. Definitely worth checking out!

Doughnut Macaroon Backpack
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Talk about classy! This bloody lovely duffle handbag which can also be used as a sling bag is perfect for staycations. It looks luxurious without costing a fortune. Blend in naturally at elegant hotels with this travel bag. A little heads up, the actual product looks bigger than the picture. It is 56-inch long and 25-inch wide.

Baellerry Duffle Handbag
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