.com/watch?v=oqOoXiczu3Q Buy Gold Bullion from Merrion Gold today

20 Replies to “Buy Gold Bullion In Dublin”

  1. I can’t wait to see “how much”’they charge to “hold your” gold. The fee$ and “it’s gone”!!!!

    1. @Bill Lee speak English please…bitcoin paid off my mortgage and M5 and now a Tesla..that’s is real Lo l

    2. @Bill Lee I can literally send $100k across the world no issues. You try walk thru TSA with 50 American eagles and you’ll be detained lol

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    1. I have one and kept it in my wallet for about a month. Problem is that they bend and the perforated dents eventually breaks and your left with grams of gold falling off here and there 🙁

  3. Good prices but don’t do insured postage, over the counter only which is crazy and limiting…. put on your business hat and fix that before adversing it!

  4. It’s like buying a house but never being able to see it. If it sounds like a scam, it just might well be a scam.

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