not an oak tree, not a Weston Wildcat. checking if you all are paying attention. Tanzania, 2012

For those of you who have never spent time with author Doug Tallamy either by zoom or in person, here is your next chance. This Wednesday, February 1, from 7-8:30 pm by zoom, you can hear about why oaks are the best trees on the planet and how the willful cutting down of any oak has been expressed by Mr. Tallamy as a ‘crime against nature’.

According to the tree inventory in Weston (done several years ago before some crimes against nature), oaks make up about 28% of Weston’s street trees if people would stop cutting them down. As you wil learn from Mr. Tallamy, and if you feel like it, my past blog on his book and presentation, oaks can be very long-lived if you would just let them be. Alas, lawn people.

Blue jays vs lawn people. Who will win?

On Wednesday, join Grow Native Massachusetts for a talk about the Owl’s favorite nonfiction book, The Nature of Oaks. Your attendance is free and your understanding of the nature of oaks, priceless.

Registration is here. And you can buy the book just about anywhere, but preferably from a small local bookseller like Wellesley Books or Concord Book Shop. Shop local, grow local, and hug a tree. Definitely an oak.

Actually an oak and very very huggable.

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