No.  This one isn’t about Jason’s super six pack (ahem…pony keg.) This time the boys both went to see the latest Superman reboot – Man of Steel – on opening weekend so you know they have to talk about it.  The big questions are

1) Did they like it? and

2) Did it hold up to the legacy of Superman III and IV?

You’ll have to listen and hear for yourselves.  There may or may not be some man-gushing over Henry Cavill’s pecs.

The guys also pick through a little trailer trash including a quick sneak peek of Disney’s Frozen (no ski lifts included), Zach Snyder’s upcoming sequel to 300 – 300: Rise of an Empire – and a Thing-esque, post-apocalyptic, polar thriller titled The Colony.

Finally Joel goes gaga for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson‘s latest film Snitch (and Jason is actually intrigued.)



Disney’s Frozen

300: Rise of an Empire

The Colony


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