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Continuing to make music under their electropop pseudonym Fever Ray, Swedish singer-songwriter Karin Dreijer reunites with their brother Olof Dreijer for a small Knife reunion on “Kandy.” Accompanied by an equally perplexing music video featuring the two, the newest single for Karin’s forthcoming tour for their new album Radical Romantics, out March 10th, plays to Dreijer’s strengths as a provocateur disobeying the confines of genre conventions. Inherently avant-garde in approach, “Kandy” is a cautiously seductive song about temptations far beyond understanding.


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“Kandy” spotlights perhaps Karin’s strongest trait as a vocalist. Karin sings with their entire body, an observation heard through the physicality in their performance with or without the music video, thanks to their throaty and baritone vocals. They make for an alluring and slightly disturbing ambiance, contrasting the seemingly innocent instrumental. The co-production by Olof isn’t anything to shy away from either, as bass convulsions bubble to the surface of the track amid Karin’s energized adlibs. And much like the music, the visuals are as wonderfully strange as they ought to be.

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Starting with a shot of a jukebox, Karin and Olof soon take the stage while the lights fluctuate between white and blood red. Their presence couldn’t be any different as Olof plays the flute like a snake charmer, and Karin dances in a strange cross between David Byrne and a rattlesnake. Donning a pink suit, Karin moves on and off the stage like a predator preying on the sole man watching in the audience, adding to the perverse and puzzling nature of the visuals complimenting the single’s inconclusive intentions. The video itself is an homage to The Knife’s music video for “Pass This On,” signaling a return to collaboration for the two siblings.


Whether it’s a cautionary tale or a dance with the devil is unclear solely based on the esoteric lyrics. But since their music is just as difficult to classify, the song works as an equally sinister and sweet seduction of an electronic kind. And as the most recent release of four, “Kandy” calls to attention Fever Ray’s dedication to creating music that doesn’t sound like anything they or anyone else has made.


Words: David Sosa

Listen to “Kandy” and Fever Ray’s recent singles on all streaming services.

Tickets to their US Tour are now available. Follow them on their Twitter, and Instagram for more music and tour dates.

Fever Ray Tour Dates

Mon. May 1 – Washington, DC @ The Anthem

Wed. May 3 – New York, NY @ Terminal 5

Fri. May 5 – Boston, MA @ Roadrunner

Sun. May 7 – Chicago, IL @ The Salt Shed

Wed. May 10 – Oakland, CA @ Fox Theater

Sat. May 13 – Pasadena, CA @ Just Like Heaven

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