License_to_drive_posterIn this episode of Forgotten Flix Remembers, Joel conducts a bit of an experiment. He talked to four, count ’em four, guests about the 1988 teen comedy, License to Drive starring the two Coreys.

All guests were recorded separately and their answers woven together, like an auditory tapestry of cinematic memory.

The guest for this episode include:

Dave Umbricht

Jessy Hutchinson

Doug McCoy

Heath Chamerski

We (all) talked about

  • what our earliest memories of License to Drive were and whether they were accurate or not
  • why we all seemed to agree this movie could never get made today
  • what our own parents would have done if we’d pulled the same stunt as Les and his buddies
  • and much more!

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License to Drive Trailer

Corey Haim License to Drive TV Spot


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