Hell_Comes_to_FrogtownIn this episode of Forgotten Flix Remembers, Joel and his co-hosts Peter and Darrell Taylor (of the Taylor Network of Podcasts) discuss 1987’s Hell Comes to Frogtown.

Synopsis: After a nuclear war most of humanity is wiped out. Those who remain are, save a select few, either sterile or have mutated.

When MedTech, a governmental agency run exclusively by women, discovers a man named Sam “Hell” Hellman (Roddy Piper) with the highest known spermatozoan count, they enlist his help to repopulate the United States.

But first they’ll need his help to rescue a group of kidnapped, fertile women, who are held in Frogtown by its unscrupulous leader, a mutant frogman named Toady.

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Special thanks to Jay V for his amazing music featured throughout the episode! You can hear more from Jay V at YourSecretIdentity.com.

Hell Comes to Frogtown Trailer



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