Christmas has always been special, as it is the time when people meet, greet and celebrate the spirit of being together. It’s that time of the year where you forget about all the worries, try to be with people you’re close to.

That said, Christmas can also be beneficial for your work team if you play your cards right. After all, holidays are meant to be enjoyed with people you meet everyday, like your close-knit team!

At Avalanche Adventure, we have created a selected list of unique team building activities for Christmas, so it’s easier for you. All you have to do is read this blog and choose from our variety of activities to try this festive season

So, without further ado, let’s dive right in! 

1. Blindfold Driving 

team building activities for Christmas; Blindfold driving at Avalanche Adventure

Blindfold driving is one of the best team building activities for Christmas that we offer; it promises a great experience. The activity involves all members actively participating in the experience – from the driver being alert to take correct turns with visuals blocked to other members directing him while maintaining proper coordination with one another. 

It truly tests the communication of your team members and makes sure that they feel the thrill these activities promise to deliver. 

While in the act, once they reach their destination, they will feel a sense of collective accomplishment and will be motivated enough for tasks that lay ahead

If you wish to know more about why this is a perfect team-building activity, give this blog a read

2. Scavenger Hunt

A person reading clues for a scavenger hunt

A scavenger hunt is one of the most popular and unique outdoor activities for team building.

To successfully conduct a hunt, you have to begin by brainstorming for a thematic concept that is perfect for the active engagement of all your team members

Next, you need to plant clues in different places for them to search. Ideally, the distance between each clue should be far enough for teammates to, time and again, dash into one another and not far enough that it’ll make them feel extremely tired before finishing the game. 

That said, you can also reap benefits from various scavenger hunt apps and clues the internet offers; making your life easier in a few simple clicks.

3. Lost Explorer Experience 

Avalanche Adventure's Lost Explorer Experience

Our lost explorer experience is one of a kind; filled with challenges that test your survival skills, it is bound to take you on a journey filled with wilderness. The best part about choosing this activity at Avalanche Adventure is that – our experts make your experience ten times more exciting by guiding you in the right direction at all steps of this adventure. 

Whether it is fire skills, shelter building, water sourcing or rescue and search tasks, every step of this challenging adventure will test your team’s ultimate capacity of dealing with hindrances within nature

When the learning time is done, we divide your team members equally into teams and make them face the ultimate search and rescue challenge. 

Our lost explorer experience, therefore, falls perfectly under the list of team building activities for Christmas that you can try with your lads. 

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The festive season calls for people coming together and celebrating life! 

To take the celebrations a notch higher, we offer activities that are conducted outdoors, bringing nature to be one with you. The picturesque views that run along our terrains offer off-roading experiences that can meet no imagination of yours; it is one of those experiences that need to be witnessed to understand its true beauty. 

That said, Avalanche understands how important it is to keep your teams on their toes, even on holidays and that is why we have various team building activities for Christmas like axe throwing, clay pigeon shooting and many more to fulfil the said purpose.

Since Christmas is when everyone looks for places to explore and engage in, we suggest you get your slots booked with us well in advance to avoid further traffic. 

After all, a motivated team is what you would want for your company, isn’t it?

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