Install a map wallpaper mural to plan your next adventure!

Whether you’ve visited a neighbouring state you’ve always wanted to go to or enjoyed a once-in-a-lifetime trip to India, a true traveller loves to reminisce on the experiences and journeys they have made. That is why a map wall mural is the perfect choice. Look back on all the places you have visited across the globe and remember those special times.

Great in any type of room, a map feature wall is especially great in sociable areas such as a living room, dining room, or kitchen. Get ready to be surprised at the number of entertaining stories that come to light when people see a map wall mural!

Whether you choose a paste wallpaper or one that has a self-adhesive backing, it won’t be long till you are enjoying a map wallpaper on the wall! As well as reminiscing, maps are great for planning that all-important next adventure. Which countries will you fly between when you’re on a safari in Africa? Where will you first land when you go to Europe?

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Get creative with recycled suitcase storage

Yes, we said storage – who doesn’t need more storage? And when it comes to the keen traveler, don’t just settle for boring standard flat pack shelves. Inject your passion for travelling with suitcase storage! Find vintage suitcases online or at your local thrift store! Personally, I can’t resist the old musty smell of an old suitcase! I can’t help but think about where it has been – a European tour? A camping trip in Australia? And if you can find a case with old stamps and stickers on it, that’s even better!

First of all, why not make a suitcase storage trunk table? Find four old table legs and attach them to the bottom of your suitcase. It’s as easy as that! Another fantastic idea is to use suitcases as quirky shelves. Sliced in half and mounted onto the wall, you’ll be wowed at how good this looks – take a look on Pinterest to see what we mean!

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Create your own postcard and photo wall art!

Photographs on your phone are nice and even money you have brought home takes you back to that amazing holiday. But to truly capture all the places you have been is best done with old-fashioned postcards. From now on when you visit a new destination, buy yourself a postcard. If you want to give yourself an added treat, send them back to your home address with a little message. Coming home to a postcard or two will really cheer you up when you have the holiday blues! But as well as this, you will slowly see your postcard collection grow! Then you can get creative and make your own postcard wall art!

Whether you create a collaged photo frame, tack them straight to the wall or use magnets or clips to put them on a metal wall grid, you will bring your holiday straight back into your home!

Or, instead of postcards why not print out your favourite holiday snaps? We are all guilty of never printing out photos nowadays and instead, reminisce by looking at our phone’s photo gallery. Instead, print those memories out and display them in your home!

From funky suitcase storage, stunning map wallpaper murals, postcard wall art, and even a money patterned coffee table, there are so many ways you can display your globetrotting adventures at home! And these travel inspired home decor ideas are just a few! Let us know how you have decorated your home so that it shows your passion for travelling by leaving a reply in the comments section below!

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