How to get started as a virtual bookkeeper in 7 steps

Virtual bookkeeping is a great way to be your own boss and make money working from home. You can work with clients anywhere and set your own hours. But, bookkeeping isn’t something you just decide to do. When you decide to become a bookkeeper – you’re making the choice to become a professional and a business owner. You have to be willing to put in the time to get training and to use the right tools to become successful as a virtual bookkeeper. Let’s go over how to get started as a virtual bookkeeper in 7 steps.
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30 thoughts on “How to get started as a virtual bookkeeper in 7 steps

  1. Good evening mma.. please I really needs your help šŸ™šŸ™ messaging you here from Nigeria, I don’t have knowledge about bookkeeping but am very much ready to learn I don’t care whatever it might take me to do that an very ready for to learn and acquire the skill.. please how can I message you?

    1. I commend you for wanting to get into bookkeeping. There are many bookkeeping courses you can take such as training from Bookkeeper Launch and also Universal Accounting.

  2. This is very helpful. I feel like I have a solid idea of how to start learning. Starting a business sounds like a good plan long term but you can also work for another business too right? I’ve seen job postings and it didn’t give me the impression you have to be an established business owner and would be a good way to get your feet wet while you build your business.

    1. I’m a big believer in getting experience first so that you can work under more experienced people and learn from them.

    2. @5 Minute Bookkeeping Thanks. I never thought about being a business owner before watching this. The idea of being my own boss after enough job experience sounds exiting.

  3. thank you for your straight forward presentation. A lot of you tubers do a a live and they talk to whoever is commenting, interrupting the flow of the training. It’s nice to get to the point instead of wasting time. I am here to learn, not engage in social hour.

  4. Hi , Veronica . I’m ACCA Finalist and know all the bookkeeping knowledge. But don’t have industry experience or any practice . Can I start bookkeeping and how can I start?

    1. If you don’t have bookkeeping experience, the best way to start is to work for a qualified bookkeeper or chartered accountant for 2 to 5 years so that you can get hands-on experience.

  5. Hello Veronica,
    I’ve watched multiple videos on how to get started and yours has been the most helpful so far! I graduated with my bachelors in accounting a couple months ago and my heart is telling me to go with bookkeeping so I can stay home with my family. This video has helped me so much! Thanks so much!

  6. hi Veronica Could be possible to be a virtual remote bookeeper I mean I would like to get foreing clients of USA CANADA AUSTRALIA and work from Mexico ?

    1. Yes, absolutely. But, keep in mind that there are different versions of QuickBooks for each of these countries. You would need to be familiar with all versions.

  7. Hi, iā€™m interested to learn things about bookeeping. Hoping to see n learn from your systematic tutorials. Thank you, n more power to u…

  8. Iam from India working in indian payroll dept any chance of becoming as Remote bookeeper. If possible,which bookeeping certification is good?

  9. Qualified bookkeepers are paid $25-$30 per hour in Canada. You can get Bookkeeping Certificate in just 3 weeks studying online part-time evenings. You are not required to purchase any software or books for the training. Bookkeepers are in very high demand in Canada.

    1. It depends on the employer. There are many companies who will hire people without experience.

  10. Hi Veronica,
    As a beginner to virtual bookkeeping, I am really grateful to you for this introduction to virtual bookkeeping. Moreover, I randomly found you on youtube and now I am big fan of yours. Your way of expalnation is very simple and easy to understand.
    Much love from India

  11. Would you tell me how many days would it take to follow these seven steps and hired as a virtual bookkeeper.. Thank you.

    1. I can’t tell you how many days it will take. In some cases it could take months. It just depends on you and how quickly you’re willing to work on it.

  12. Hello veronica did you name some of the online courses for bookkeeping in your video ( I cant remember sorry), could you name a few for me? I have a disability and would like to study online. Thanks so much and for your video!

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