Do I need to use rooting powder when propagating succulents? 

It is not necessary to use rooting powder to propagate any plants – including succulents. Rooting hormones are supplements, not necessities.

Succulents, and all other plants, produce their own natural hormones, such as gibberellins, auxins, and cytokinins. These hormones are sufficient to stimulate the growth of roots in a vast majority of cases, though this takes longer than using powder or other synthetic hormones. 

Rooting powder is also not the only option when it comes to growth hormones for roots. There are popular liquid and gel rooting hormones that are applied differently from powder.

Rooting liquid comes in two types – one that requires dilution, and another that needs to be concentrated. Rooting gel, on the other hand, can usually simply be directly applied.

Some people choose to use “natural” rooting hormones, such as cinnamon powder, honey, willow water, turmeric, aloe vera, or apple cider vinegar.

However, these natural options do not necessarily speed up root development, though they can promote better root and plant health as it grows. Natural methods also involve a fair bit of preparation, which should be kept in mind.

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