’s another round-up of our signature style Matching rather than identical. The engagement rings that they are made to match, were made by us as well.

This Art Deco inspired engagement ring with an Aquamarine required a special match. The wearer was happy to combine it with something different and unexpected. We created her wedding ring in an asymmetrical pattern to sit around the geometrical engagement ring.

In order to make matching rings for the couple, we used the edges of hers to create the irregular pattern on one side on his ring. They both look kind of like icicles or an Ice King’s cave, don’t you think? Fitting, as he proposed when they were on holiday in Iceland.

We curved her diamond eternity ring around the engagement ring and followed the same curve to create a matching detail in his ring. Both rings are handcrafted in 18K Original white gold.

She chose bezel set diamonds with a lace pattern and beading on the bezels. He followed with the same number of diamonds and with beading on the edges of the ring. Both rings are handcrafted in 18K Original White Gold.

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