A unique driving experience in an equally unique vehicle – that’s what our power turn buggies are all about.

Perfect for adventurers, car enthusiasts or those who simply want to experience something new, a power turn buggy adventure is the ideal adventure for a day filled with thrill. However, this buggy comes with a twist that adds to the overall adventure.

With a unique way of operating them, these buggies are quite different from the traditional racing buggies; meaning, you’re guaranteed to have a memorable time.

If you’re looking to try out this adventure but are unsure of what to expect, the experts at Avalanche Adventure have got you covered. We’ve put together a beginners’ guide for those who wish to know more about this adventure.

So without further ado, let’s take a look!

What Are Power Turn Buggies And How Do They Work?

power turn buggies; a row of buggies lined up

Power turn buggies are unique buggies with a whacky design. They differ greatly from traditional buggies as each buggy comes with a twin-engine, two seats, and six wheels. To operate this buggy, you need a partner to communicate well to move the buggy forward and start your adventure.

Moreover, each driver has a joystick that controls one engine and rear wheel. With this, both people need to coordinate and work together to conquer the course.

With full roll cages and safety harnesses in place, effective communication between people is essential to have a fun buggy experience. With great speed and a challenging course, zooming across this buggy is an experience you’ll never forget.

How To Start Riding A Power Turn Buggy

power turn buggies; A person enjoying power turn buggies at Avalanche

Our power turn buggy adventure is an experience not many may have come across. Since this adventure requires coordination between both people, you need to communicate well.

With each joystick controlling parts of the buggy, both adventurers need to coordinate their movements to take the buggy forward.

If you’re unable to coordinate well, you might end up going around in circles!

However, once you understand the basics, you can challenge your friends, family or even work colleagues to an exciting race to see who completes the course quicker.

Whether you choose this adventure for a team-building experience or a fun day out with your loved ones, it is something you’ll remember for years.

Instructions And Safety Tips To Keep In Mind

A group of people posing with a power turn buggy

If you’re looking to try out this amazing and adrenaline-filled adventure, you can make the most of this activity with a group of your nearest and dearest. We recommend a group of 6-8 people so that everyone can enjoy this thrilling buggy experience to the fullest.

Additionally, our group of experts brief you on the activity along with the required instructions and safety tips to ensure your experience is enjoyable yet safe. 

Moreover, since these buggies are driven on an open field, you’ll want to wear appropriate clothing and footwear to stay comfortable throughout the activity. You could always consider carrying an extra pair of clothes in case you get splattered by mud at some point during the activity.

To Sum Up

While power turn buggies may seem complex, the key to driving them well is to effectively communicate with the person sitting next to you. Once you understand the basics of moving the buggy, a fun adventure awaits you!

Along with this thrilling adventure, Avalanche also offers several adrenaline-filled activities that you can try out with a group of people. These include –

With any of these activities, you’re guaranteed a fun time!

Contact Avalanche Adventure To Try Out Power Turn Buggies

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