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17 Replies to ““Shit Bad Scrum Masters Say””

  1. Nearly a laugh but really a cry. I live this every day and on every scrum team at every company in my entire career, except EVEN WORSE. I wish actually wish this guy was my scrum master instead of the psycopathic micromanagers that I have seen do “scrum”

  2. Guys guys I am soon to be a Scrum Master.. this video has every potential to make me one of the most hated guys at work man… i hope my scrum team don’t see this. I’ll hate to hear them say, “Boy i can totally relate” or get any funny ideas to boot me out 😀 😀

  3. I like this one, but I can’t share it at work with the profanity in the title. Can you post an alternate version? Seems like there is no profanity except in the title and the onscreen title.

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