Over the weekend, Saturday Night Live (SNL) ran a bit on Southwest Airlines, focusing on the meltdown that took place last month. While I was only mildly amused at the skit, there was one moment that just made me laugh out loud.

SNL Takes On Southwest Airlines Meltdown

I would start by watching the skit:

Attempts at humor include:

  • Upgrading the communications system to 2008 Dell computers (from existing 2002 ThinkPad laptops “with the little red nipple in the middle”)
    • Not funny to me, since the problem is the software
  • All baggage sorted by color: red bags go to Dallas, while blue bags go to Charlotte
    • Is this a political joke? Both Dallas and Charlotte seem rather purple these days, though more blue than red.
  • Southwest will introduce a new “Premiere Lounge” featuring Starbucks coffee: the airline will “just hold down two to three tables” in an airport Starbucks
  • Southwest’s air traffic control network will be modernized with those 2022 ThinkPad laptops
  • From the airline of open seating comes open boarding. Just show your ticket to TSA and that’s good enough
  • New Flight attendants will have prior experience serving customers at Waffle House
    • Having never been to a Waffle House this was a big *whoosh* for me
  • Taunting passengers by saying, “Here at Southwest, mistakes were made and that’s on us…mostly. But some of it’s on you. You bought a Southwest ticket, you obviously don’t respect yourself, so why should we?”

Humor is a strange thing. I watched the SNL clip and rolled my eyes at the most of the jokes. But then at the end the Southwest pilot thanks you for flying Southwest Airlines, removes his aviator sunglasses, and reveals he has a glass eye. And that is what made me burst out laughing.

I’m generally more of a visual humor type of guy (think Mr. Bean or Little Britain) and so this fits right in.

Side note, though, I don’t think I have laughed harder for years than when I watched Confess, Fletch starring Jon Hamm on a recent United flight. What a hilarious movie.


I find myself more in the One Mile At A Time camp than the View From The Wing camp concerning this SNL Southwest sketch. I always appreciate attempts at airline humor, but SNL could use a lesson from Key & Peele:

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