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25 Replies to “Steps To Land your First Scrum Master Job and Stand out in the Agile Space | My Secret | Agile Coach”

  1. How do we land the first job. Getting an interview call has been hard for everyone; but I still do not see how even in this video ma,am….please help,it has been very emotionally draining.

    I am your biggest fan too…❤, as you are very very intelligent.

    1. It’s really draining, I guess Scrum Master jobs aren’t that available as she said . I love the description of what Scrum Master is, I got certified but couldn’t get a job.

  2. 1. Read the scrum guide
    2. Enroll in a structured training program / Master theory
    3. Get certified
    4. Get a mentor/coach
    5. Target landing first role
    6. Continuous learning, continuous improvement
    7. Get more certification on the path of interest.

  3. Thank you so much for the words of encouragement. Your info is very helpful as I am in job transition at this time. Thank you.

    1. Please visit to learn more about our programs. When you visit our website, I suggest you focus on learning more about our Level 01 training and Level 02 mentoring programs. Be sure to watch the short orientation videos on each section.

      After that, feel free to sign up online or reach out through email [email protected] or call us through the number on the site 619-693-8230 if you have any other questions.

  4. I watched the LinkedN video and MOW I have her full name…2 videos changed my life this one and the ‘Steps to be a Scrum Master…’
    THANK YOU Miss Karen FOMAFUMG!!!!

  5. Yes… my favorite AGILE/SCRUM EVANGELIST!!!!!!!….I find something NEW each time I tune in to this one VIDEO!!!!!!!

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