Eternity Band Buying Guide: Our Top Recommended Vendors: James Allen: Blue Nile: Rings Used in this Video: Prong Set:–3-4ct_52975 Channel Set: Bezel Set: Transcript: Hey there, it’s Mike and Ira, the Diamond Pros. Today we’ll be talking about Eternity rings. Eternity bands, also known as infinity rings, are typically gifted in two different ways. Many people use them instead of traditional wedding rings. Others gift them for special occasions. In fact, these are one of the most popular pieces of jewelry to give for anniversaries. What makes eternity rings special is the fact that small diamonds are set all the way around the ring. Before the rise in popularity of eternity rings, diamonds in rings like these would only be set on the top, visible section of the ring. The part of the ring on the underside of the finger would typically be a plain metal band. The significance of this is that eternity rings are more expensive since they have diamonds all around, but also that as the size of the diamonds get larger, the ring can become slightly uncomfortable to wear since it doesn’t allow you to close your fingers together. There are a few important things to keep in mind when buying one of these stunning pieces of jewelry. The first, and probably most important, is the question of where to buy the eternity ring. The reason this is so critical is because an eternity ring is made up of many smaller diamonds – too small to get certified on their own. Since that’s the case, trusting the vendor is all you have to rely on. Thankfully, though, there are fantastic vendors out there like James Allen and Blue Nile that have high quality diamonds and an amazing selection. We’ll include links to some favorite eternity rings of ours from both sites. You’ll also need to decide what color and type of metal you’ll want with your eternity ring. If you want some color, your options are yellow or rose gold. If you want white, you can choose either platinum or white gold. The color choice is really just a matter of personal preference or style. In terms of the purity of the gold, going lower (like 14k gold vs 18k gold) will be less pure, but it will be stronger and cheaper. We also typically recommend White gold over platinum as it’s a much better value. The next thing to choose is the setting style. Here you have 3 basic options: prong, channel, or bezel. This refers to how the diamonds are actually held onto the ring. Here you can see what a prong set eternity ring looks like. Little metal prongs hold the diamonds in place. With channel set eternity rings, the diamonds are set in a row, or channel, on the ring and are only gripped on their sides. Bezel set eternity rings are where each diamond is set individually with the metal surrounding the girdle of the diamond. One important thing to remember when buying an eternity ring is that it’s really important to get the sizing right. Because these rings have diamonds all around, they’re much harder to resize and run a much higher risk of becoming weaker if they are resized. So try your best to get the measurement right the first time. Once again, this is Ira and Mike, the Diamond Pros. Thanks for watching.

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