Wondering what’s better Xero or QuickBooks? In this video Dan & Kelly run you through a brief look how this can help your small business.

Topics including:

What is QuickBooks
What is Xero
How does QuickBooks work
How does Xero work
QuickBooks Demo
Xero Demo
Do you need accounting software
Does accounting software save time
Does accounting software save tax
Getting paid quicker
Email invoicing
Bank feeds
Saving tax
Xero vs Quickbooks
Receipt Bank

….. and more!

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  1. I need a software that automatically gathers my charges from my bank’s business card, but also from other cards I use for my business that are not connected to my bank. Which would you recommend best? Thanks

    1. What sort of cards? Many will send feeds to the software. Barclaycard business credit card for example has a feed.

    2. @Heelan Associates Thank you for the prompt response. I use various cards for my business, and my goal is that whichever software I use pull and recognize my purchases automatically from my various cards. Thank you for your input.

  2. how do i print payment voucher for direct expenses payment in xero . PV can be printed in Xero if it is a purchase with invoices.
    also no payment voucher can be printed for expense reimbursement from hubdoc receipts which i find disadvantage in Xero sw.

    1. Hi Diana,

      Sorry not sure on this one! Not something we’ve done.

      Have you tried Xero support via email (they are normally pretty good).

      We will add this to a list of things to look at for a future vid.

    1. To our knowledge no, it’s just item codes, which have a cap. It’s why some bigger businesses will use a separate stock app plug in that talks to Xero.

    1. Difficult to say Manik, we have travel agency clients on both of these and both work well! User preference these days, or if cost is an issue, QuickBooks!

  3. Enjoyed your video. I think from what I’ve seen from your video Quickbooks would be better from a bookkeepers viewpoint. Thanks.

    1. Quickbooks is a great product. Since we did this video some time ago, the product has improved greatly! We want to record a newer one soon….

    1. @Heelan Associates I would also appreciate this! I’m starting a new business and have received a free FreeAgent subscription with my new Natwest Business Account. My accountant uses Sage and has recommended this for their own ease (I’m assuming), but I’m not sure whether to go with Zero or Quickbooks as recommended by yourself. The business will have few employees (<5) and is in hospitality (think cafe).

  4. Hi, if I making payment for phone, diesel, or some other things from my personal bank account , buy this for company usage , can I still add and business bank account and personal bank account to Xero to control expenses? Thank you

    1. You could, just can get a little messy.

      Often it’s better to just key in those expenses as ‘bills’ and pay off via your drawings or directors loan account (ltd) inside the software.

  5. We are a company located in Canada and are looking to transition from Quickbooks 2016 Desktop to QBO or Xero.

    Was wondering what you recommendation for a import wholesale business that is seasonal (functioning only 6 months out of year) We will need to use an inventory management software such as Cin7 or Fishbowl to manage out inventory and was wondering which one would integrate better overall.

    Lastly, who do you think is more innovated in the market? Who do you think will be better and preferred 10 years down the line?


    1. Hi there. Desktop QB ’16 was probably the best thing ever made :- ) (we still internally sometimes!).

      Your best bet (without knowing the detail) is probably Xero + separate stock management system. As the market leader, most other apps are tending to build integrations with Xero.

      That said, gut feeling is in 10 years time we will still have the same 2-3 players competing in the space.

  6. Note with QBO: If you want a most basic feature – marking an expense as billable and invoicing it back to a client – you must buy a premium plan with Quickbooks that gives you hundreds of features you don’t care about. It’s like a ruse – such a basic feature “billable expenses” singled out to push you into a higher plan…

    1. Xero is similar in this, their projects module is extra. Thing is most people don’t need it. In our client base for example I think we two.

  7. Greetings, Most of the transactions in my company are Cash, Which one would be more suitable for me, Xero or QB?

    1. Both would work actually! Probably not a preference for this. I guess maybe QBO might be slightly more intuitive / cost effective in this scenario , but honestly both would handle well.

    1. These next few weeks! 10 of my team are attending ‘Xerocon’ next week so just waiting for any exciting product news before doing a much bette version of this classic!

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