EP90 - Over the Top

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In this episode of The Forgotten Flix Podcast, Joel and Jason have at long last returned from their months-long, international tour (aka bummin’ around the house)!

Joel’s podcast numeration OCD is finally appeased with the release of this FULL 90th episode!

Join your (slightly) unstable hosts as they cover the Stallone-starrin’, hat-turnin’, arm-wrasslin’ classic OVER THE TOP (1987)!

Our Movie Picks:

Jason’s Pick:

Superman 3 (1983)

Joel’s Pick:

Pulling John (2009)

Next episode we’re remembering… F/X (1986)!

Special thanks to:

  • The hilarious spoiler alert featured in this episode provided by podcaster extraordinaire Jay V. Please check out his hilarious podcast at JayVMail.com!
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