A camper van with a bathroom gives you extra comfort in the great outdoors. These converted vehicles function as an accessible gateway to your desired vacation. There is tremendous growth in the RV and camper areas, with Outdoorsy even seeing a 4,500% increase in bookings throughout the pandemic. More than ever, millennials are finding reprieve in the great outdoors, and camper vans seem to be the outlet for that more than anything. ➤ Subscribe ➤ Featured 00:00 Intro 00:56 Optimum Off-Road Campervan 02:12 2021 4 x 4 Revel 03:47 2021 Nova Class B Motorhome 05:05 Rialta Luxury Sunliner Camper 06:19 2021 Loef Campervan 07:42 Interstate Nineteen Touring Coach 09:13 SS Agile Passenger Coach 10:53 2021 Swift Select 12:17 Irok 2021 – 2022 13:41 American Patriot Luxury Motor Coach ➤ Website Please contact us with any copyright concerns, inquiries, or feedback. ➤ Contact ➤ Camper Design ➤ Camper Best Value ➤ Campervans ➤ Mini Campers ➤ Truck Camper ➤ Camping Gadgets #mindseyedesign #mindseyecampers #medcampervans #campers #camper #newcampers #newcamper #camping #camperreview #campervans #campervan #campingvans #campingvan #vanlife #motorhomes


  1. 물넣고,빼고,청소하고
    힘들어서 못함,,1년 내내 캠핑할것도 아닌돼 참가지가지한다,

    1. Here you go Michael Halstead, we made a playlist of affordable campers you may like.
      Thank you for watching!🔹

  2. A single can live /travel in any of them. I’m planning on trying the van life for 3 months before I buy. I’m likely to buy one of the larger ones.

    1. @MINDS EYE DESIGN its like if you are gonna splurge on their two top end models thats pretty good. The bright side is that even with a moderate hail storm they will withatand it with essientially cosmetic damage. Not too hard to repair. The body will last for well theres a reason people will buy the shells on the frame and restore them. Aluminum lasts.
      But take the basecamp.
      That platform didnt even have a bathroom for a while after it was introduced. Its a cool little trailer but heck it doesnt have a genny. You are tied to lugging a honey bucket or loo around and either roughing it with a large metal tent or tied to a park.
      Same with the bambi. No genny. Theres not even native space to mount one if you want one. Granted for 1k you can get a 30a 3800w predator genny from hf, but then you have to make allowance to stow it while underway and honestly you will need another 100 in a chain and a lock to keep it where you leave it. The smaller ones should at least have a bay and electrical for a owner installed genny. That way it can exhaust normally and be a little less loud.
      At the prices they ask for them their lower end stuff seems a but skimpy on things. I saw a 2009 0r something like that basecamp on marketplace the other day and from the pics it looks great. 1k, but without a toilet and shower, and no genny i couldnt make that make sense. But the vans they make a lot more sense.

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