Winter outdoor activities are the new way of celebrating and fueling energy into your routine. This time, ditch lazing around the fireplace and challenge yourself with adventure activities for a memorable season! 

The new year asks for you to try and become better versions of yourself and try something unusual. Well, if you’re ready to take the leap, Avalanche Adventure is here to help; with our variety of outdoor activities, you’re bound to experience the missing thrill in your life. 

In today’s blog, our goal is to familiarise you with winter outdoor activities and their benefits to your health. A fun way to exercise and make your season better, here are some activities to try solo or with a group of friends! 

1. Axe Throwing 

an axe stuck on a wooden piece

There’s something so satisfying about a ‘thudding noise’ that an axe makes when it hits the target board – if you understand the feeling we’re talking about, Axe Throwing is for you! 

It requires strength, precision and practice to ace this activity. While professionals can help you understand the technique, it is a fully independent activity and your solo performance can make or break you! 

Axe throwing engages your entire core, shoulder muscles and hand strength, making it nothing less than a full-fledged workout session. When paired with Avalanche’s picturesque landscapes, you will be left wanting more after your session ends! 

2. Winter Camping 

winter outdoor activities; A tent opening to a picturesque winter landscape view.

Unlike your normal camping, where you have to pitch your tent in a warm and sunny meadow by a float-y stream in the middle of summer, winter camping is more challenging

This season brings a cold and dark atmosphere, adding more difficulty to the taxing task of camping itself.

However, if done right, it is massively exhilarating while rewarding you with a new outlook on the world. 

Being cooped up in the winters can increase the back and shoulder pain if you have any. A good way to rejuvenate and reset your body’s sleeping patterns is stepping out in winters – camping and trekking should top your winter outdoor activities this year! 

3. Off-Roading 

winter outdoor activities; an off-roading vehicle passing through a snow-filled trail.

The trails become more beautiful in winters; imagine having to go through mountains and uneven tracks full of distorted snow. It adds up to the already challenging off-roading challenges, so if you’re feeling awakened by your hidden daredevil, you should try off-roading this season. 

A challenging activity like this one can help you push yourself, something you should embrace in the new year. 

Given that the cold weather asks your body to work harder to maintain its core temperature, off-roading can come in as a cherry on the cake to help you challenge yourself a step further. As a result, you might burn more calories than usual, meaning it’s best if you kickstart your healthy body and mind resolutions with outdoor winter activities. 

With many options such as Land Rover off driving and quad bike activities to support this segment of thrill, head over to our website and book your slot today! 

Enjoy This Season With Avalanche Adventure’s Outdoor Activities

Winters brings the urge to feel warm and curl up in a blanket by the fireplace. We say it is time to change that and reap the benefits of the season by indulging in some hardcore yet thrilling adventure! 

At Avalanche Adventure, enjoyed best with company, our winter outdoor activities can help you bond with your close ones all while improving your health.

Moreover, we’re known for our memorable experiences, the ones that you could enjoy by experiencing our various outdoor activities. We have lots of land featuring English countryside to make your experiences more meaningful, and when paired with our expert knowledge, you’ll be thrilled to your core! 

Bear in mind though – our activities ask for coordination and communication amongst your team members, so if you’re up for the challenge, book your slot with us today! 

For more information, visit our website!

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