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26 Replies to “5 Digital Marketing Hacks (That Work Extremely Well!)”

  1. I’m still beginner at this domain of marketing …. I worked with 2 clinets i don’t know if i did good results or no …u gived me lot of great information i appreciate it thnx man ♥️♥️… Now i need to find a new methode to get more clients …. I texted u on ig it would be great if u answered mee 🙏

    1. @Adam Erhart ok …so in one of ur videos u spoke about ctr and ctlr and stuff like that …well i didn’t get it so well ….otherwise i love u man i appreciate all ur great videos ♥️

  2. not even into the marketing space but for some reason this video popped up in my algorithm. anyways just had to say that even tho i was uninterested in the subject your video was nothing but amazing, eye opening, and informative (very informative) very cool video tho thnks

  3. Competitor research is vital in figuring out your next move in your business! It also helps you figure out what to avoid and what to take advantage of. Great video, man!

  4. Your video is very informative and is also entertaining 👍 I just subscribe and will watch more of your other videos 😊

  5. Hi Adam! Could you also do an in depth review for an email prospecting tool called Aeroleads? It’s been recommended to me by my friends and also in a sub-reddit for getting more clients.

  6. Hi Adam I want to ask something, what unique marketing strategy for parfumery in this era, and how can we integrated online and offline marketing while before we just use online marketing

  7. Friendly feedback of one; however funny, I’d prefer fewer comic interruptions of the good, helpful content.

    1. I’ll take it under consideration 🙂 The kicker is since adding the skits retention and subscribers have risen fast.

  8. Filled with great tips and resources! Thank you so much for the resource answer the public I have not heard of that one before. Definitely going to be using that now.

  9. Fab video, I was hooked and now bingeing on your vids. Is there an alternative to the 10x booster for Shopify websites?

  10. But how do you tell what works when you’re terrible at everything? Like right now it’s the 100% nothing rule😂

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