Halon Tax and The Small Business University present “Bookkeeping Basics”. In this how to video you will learn about the basic bookkeeping fundamentals you will need in starting your business and operations until you hire a financial accountant.

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15 thoughts on “Bookkeeping Basics

  1. I Have a small biz and this video is a big help for me, the informations is great and im thankful that i learned a lot.

  2. I just love your videos! They are very easy and simple to understand, and I’m so glad that I found these.

  3. Hello, I speak English badly and therefore I don’t understand what you are saying, finally I wanted to ask you a question,I am French and I live in France but I opened an LLC to buy American wholesalers and resell on Amazon US, accounting in France is very difficult, is it true that the Accounting in the United States is very simple?

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