It is a well-known fact that the Owl is not very church-y. There are a few exceptions to the situation, some of them sad and some of them joyous, but generally, you won’t find the Owl listening to the Paul Revere bell on any given weekend. Palm Sunday? Hard pass. Easter Sunday? Hmmmm, depends on the bunny situation and if it is chocolate…but here’s one of the lesser known Weston holidays to which the Owl subscribes – Chocolate Sunday! I’m in!

Here’s the scoop:

Join First Parish Church for the annual Chocolate Sunday on Sunday, February 12 from 11:30-12:30! In addition to coffee and tea at the usual after-church social hour, for this wildly popular tradition, there will be a wide array of chocolatey treats for all. Unless the Owl gets there first.

Church members will be bringing a wide variety of chocolate-related goodies, treats, cakes, and sweets. There will also be a “carefully monitored” Chocolate Fountain [Ed.: I dislike the implication that the Owl did anything untoward last year…like drinking it like a bubbler. Fountain = Drink, no? It’s in the title.

Why I don’t go to church = lack of clarity. I am kidding so again, Weston…relax… I am about to make up two Owl-themed shirts. One will say “No one cares, Weston” with an Owlet symbol (ask me how early release day is going) and the other will say “Relax, Weston.’ You choose–all available in ecru and bashful.]

Where was I? Ah yes, there will also be a raffle for some extra special treats provided by some favorite chocolatiers & bakers! The raffle will benefit a local charitable effort.

This event is open to the public and the wider Weston community! No RSVPs necessary. Everyone is always invited to attend regular service at 10:30 am (immediately prior), but worship attendance is certainly not required. ALL are welcome!

Event Link:  Please use that link to sign up to bring a treat. If you want advice on which treats to bring, send me a note. Truffles are nice, molten chocolate cakes are nicer and chocolate chip cookies are the least we can all do, am I right? Finally, chocolate-covered strawberries are both healthy and neutral-colored and therefore calorie-free.

The First Parish Church is located at 349 Boston Post Road in Weston.

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