Last week I wrote about a dog who traveled onboard a Turkish Airlines 777 in economy class. Today we check on Fifi, a mini dachshund who flew from Hong Kong to Paris via Istanbul in the comfort of her own business class seat on Turkish Airlines.

Dog Flies In Business Class On Turkish Airlines, Enjoys Her Own Seat

Check out Fifi, a mini dachshund who boasts 15K followers on Instagram and recently flew all the way from Hong Kong to Paris in Turkish Airlines Business Class:

Concerning flying with a dog on Turkish Airlines, her owner writes:

  • Pros:
    • super dog-friendly staff on board
    • spacious business class seats
    • dog-friendly lounge in Istanbul
    • pet toilets at Istanbul airport
    • I only needed to put Fifi in her bag when I ate
  • Cons:
    • unexpected fee at check-in
    • no dog-friendly lounges in Hong Kong

I’m a bit confused by this whole episode. I knew that Turkish allowed in-cabin dogs on flights to/from the US in accordance with US law, but I wasn’t aware that Turkish Airlines was so accommodating of dogs on flights to other regions. I suppose money always talks and Turkish Airlines is willing to fill its seats with whoever or whatever is willing to pay, whether it be human beings, dogs, or cellos.

Even so, am I wrong to say that I loathe the way dogs are treated like human beings? (which is a far wider issue than the topic of this story)

Folks, you’ll have to be patient with me here. I don’t really like dogs (as if that wasn’t clear). We have a pet-free house and I intend to keep it that way.

I understand that dogs are easier than children because they talk back less often, but for all we talk about babies on airplanes, I think the idea of a dog being confined to a seat for an 11-hour, 40-minute flight (Hong Kong – Istanbul) is far too dangerous. Who wants to clean up that mess if the dog has an accident? It won’t be the owner! At least babies wear diapers.


Fifi the dachshund flew from Hong Kong to Istanbul to Paris in the comfort of business class, even using blankets and pillows. While I sometimes wonder what is real and what is not on social media (we should all ask that question), it seems that Turkish Airlines takes a much more lenient approach than other carriers regarding dogs in the cabin.

Live and let live or is there something wrong with Fifi flying in business class using the same bedding that humans use?

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images: @fifilittledarling / Instagram

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