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Sitting in bed on Sunday morning and looking down at the bruises and marks on the breast he concentrated on, on Friday night.

After a shower and putting on red leather cuffs, he had prepared a seat facing the full length mirror-doors on the wardrobe.
imageHe started with the suction screws* to ‘wake the nipples up’ (*not sure how else to describe them: they are clear plastic tubes with cream coloured screws mechanisms that move the black rubberised plastic seals up the tubes). They can be quite ouchie when the screws are turned too quickly, tbh.

Then it was time to start with some fine red rope to tie up each breast – which meant it was then pretty difficult to keep the suction things on – he adjusted them a bit more every few minutes but they are still easy to knock off when manipulating the rope. So they were put to one side (after being knocked off twice each).

imageHe began to add the clips/pegs – difficult as the breasts were ‘tight’ – but he managed, five on the left (while he used the table tennis bat (#see below) on the right breast before moving on to slapping by hand).
He was explaining that he wanted to assess any difference in applying needles to the left breast that had been properly pre-tenderised compared to one that had ‘only’ been pegged. He takes these things very seriously, you know.  He confused me by reference to the ‘baseball bat’ for s moment – not big on sports!
His earlier instruction not to cry (so that he wasn’t tempted to stop) was proving harder to respect – the breasts (not just the nipples) were burning by this point.

imageHe then applied pegs to the right breast – these are black plastic and referred to on the container as ‘mini’ clips. Have you seen the big version, used to hold wood together while the glue dries? Yes well they are that sort but about an inch-and-a-half, or thereabouts. There are little yellow grips (harder, ridged plastic) that help them stay on. Again, ouchie stuff. Also good at producing little straight line red marks or bruises (depending on how much skin they pinched).
Once the pegs were taken off (during which time he had prepared the needles) the breasts were well enough tenderised for his purposes. The needles went in with the usual ‘pop’ as they pierced the skin – and lots of stifled groans of pain. He started with the right breast (less pre-treatment) and the first 2 were sore . But the third was agonising and unfortunately a wriggle meant it scratched me – so there was a pause whilst he licked off the blood, and then readied me to have another go.

imageThe needles seemed to go into the tenderised breast more easily (he said) – they still hurt like billyo though! By that time the subject was a bit floaty but also grizzled like a child.
Amazingly, two hours had passed!

Finally he felt it was time to remove the needles and again there was a small issue with bleeding (this time the left breast) when the needle was withdrawn (though they all felt the same, with a bit of a dragging sensation as they were pulled out). He insisted on counting, 1 2 3 pull, each time. Surprisingly annoying.
Again, he was happy to lick up the blood and actually sucked quite hard in case more was available. My own personal vampire …

It was strange to be woken at intervals on the night as there seemed to be no comfortable way of sleeping – once it felt that the breasts had ‘stuck’ to his back!
It was very sore, peeling them off!
Oddly the very worst of the stinging and burning was the next day, putting on a bra before going out shopping.

Today the bruising on the left breast is very noticeable – as are the three needle entry points. The right breast is less bruised and the needle points barely visible – but more marked by the pegs and the bat (or more likely the hand).
Sorry if this seems to be a bit detached – the more emotional response will follow in a day or two.

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