Any organisatio n’s or venture’s main concern is to bring in traffic and SEO is one of the few efficient ways to go about it. Though there are other paid measures that could achieve this goal, with SEO an important and cost-effective organic growth strategy can be provided. The concept is simple, stay at the top of the latest Google search updates. Though its simply said than done, once we know what exactly happens and where exactly it happens, we can implement them without any glitches.

Here are some cohesive website SEO strategies that brings in the desired result.


Small measures bring in big SEO results

  • To achieve big SEO results, start small with basic incremental changes to your website’s overall SEO strategy. Design your site according to the web fundamental basics-
    • Fast- Your site should respond quickly to user’s query and interactions, with skill-smooth animations and easily loadable media.
    • Integrated- Create an experience that is remarkable irrespective of the device used.
    • Reliable- Your site should load reliably even in uncertain network conditions
    • Engaging- Your site should be in a way that user wishes to come back to it, with beautifully designed experiences that looks and feels natural.
  • A research shows that there is 2X increase in organic traffic when the above-mentioned changes were implemented.
  • Then comes the URL part, make sure that you use a static URL that shows the search engines clearly which URLs to index by implementing canonicals.
  • To help you further and provide you better tips that are personalised for your site, you can tools Google’s URL inspection tool


Embrace new changes, don’t be scared of them

  • With users evolving, the content consumed by them will also evolve. Hence adapt your site accordingly.
  • Today 50% of web traffic are from mobile. Hence adapt features like AMP and Progressive web apps accordingly to your site.
  • Certain times embracing these changes can’t be easy and it can be overwhelming. But the more you embrace them and experiment with them, the better will be your SEO results.
  • Viewers like sites that are in sync with the latest trends.
  • Being in the latest trend saves the day


Consolidate where it’s possible

One of the most tempting practice and strategy that brands usually adopt is having multiple sites with similar content to target different customer profiles and geographic areas. However, a recent research revealed that a large number of near duplicate sites can confuse the user preventing them to use your site efficiently according to their needs and queries. It also confuses the search engine in deciding which ‘copy’ of your site to display when user queries it.

To avoid this approach, you can create one giant site instead of creating several microsites. This will encourage your organic growth over time.

Research proves that this approach doubles your site call-through-actions click-through and increases the organic traffic by 64.2%


To conclude, a SEO strategy that is flexible enough to adapt to new changes that the dynamic business environment offers, solid enough to provide powerful results, and adaptable enough to apply to your entire digital environment and platforms, is the success formula for your business’s sustained growth. Though on-page performance is significant, its your SEO strategies that brings in the desired traffic.


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