In this episode Jason and Joel give a quick review of their recent viewing of The Conjuring and gush a little on their love of classically-styled horror.

Then Joel drops a movie boom-goes-the-dynamite surprise when he admits to watching a movie that Jason has talked and gushed over for a REALLY long time. I know what you’re thinking.  Joel watched a movie that Jason recommended?

It must have a gator-something or mega-whatever, but you would be wrong.  You’ll have to listen to hear what the movie is and what Joel thought.  Will he burst Jason’s bubble or drop his ego and say the rarest words in the English language, “Jason, you were right.”

The trailer trash for this episode goes all kinds of stomach virus when the guys review some crazy good upcoming trailers including Bad Milo, I Declare War, CBGB, and Enough Said.  You NEED to check these out, albeit not while at work, (that whole awkward scene with Julia Louis-Dreyfus kissing James Gandolfini shouldn’t be shown in any office setting.)

Bad Milo

I Declare War

Enough Said



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