As my allergies have informed me, spring has officially sprung in the DC area! It’s warm enough to go outside and when I stroll around, I see fluffy pink blossoms in the trees and daffodils and crocuses popping up out of the ground. This time of year makes me sneeze BUT it is filled with beauty and hope and the energy of new beginnings and I could not love it more.

Flower earrings by Jane Taylor Jewelry with Sleeping Beauty turquoise, ruby, spinel, pink sapphire, and diamonds.

These Jane Taylor Jewelry earrings came through my inbox a little while ago and HOLY MOLY they are magnificent. When I clicked on the image file to take a closer look, these beauties exploded into my brain like a flower-shaped punch of fresh air and sunshine. Does that image make sense? Perhaps not, but I’m sticking with it.

These incredible Flower Burst earrings are a one of a kind showstopper supreme, with 2.26 ct of Sleeping Beauty turquoise, 2.99 ct of ruby, 0.7 ct of pink and grey spinel, 1.09 ct of grey and white spinel, 0.52 ct of light pink sapphire, and 3.09 ct of diamonds.

Jane Taylor Jewelry flower necklaces with opal, turquoise, pearls, and more.

Jane Taylor Jewelry is known for their command of colors, extremely vibrant gemstones, and joyful aesthetic. I’ve written about them before – I’ve been a fan for years – but we haven’t taken a look at their work recently and I decided a check in was overdue. In the past year, the brand has released a number of pieces that take their always-present flower child vibe in a more literal direction, using bright gemstones to form perfect glowing flowers.

The flowery jewels range from spectacular one-of-a-kinds like the showstoppers up top to single flower necklaces, rings, and pairs of stud earrings that are perfect for everyday.

You can see a number of the flower necklaces in the image above, from the opal big boi to the rainbow pearl garland and the single turquoise bloom.

Jane Taylor Jewelry flower earrings with 7.51ctw Sleeping Beauty turquoise cabochons, 32.86ctw Sleeping Beauty turquoise drops, and .56ctw diamonds

Here’s another glorious pair of flower earrings.

If you couldn’t guess it by their utterly perfect sky blue hue, these beauties are Sleeping Beauty turquoise, a rare turquoise prized for its extraordinary color. These earrings feature tiny flowers made of 7.51 cts of Sleeping Beauty turquoise cabochons and suspending two remarkable Sleeping Beauty turquoise drops (32.86 cts!) and a sprinkle of sparking diamonds.

So pretty, and the subtlety of the rarity of all that Sleeping Beauty turquoise makes them even more beautiful.

In conclusion: if you are in the mood for gorgeous flowers that don’t make you sneeze, Jane Taylor’s latest creations are what you need!

Want to see a couple more? Of course you do. Here’s a little peek from their beautiful Instagram:

Flower earrings, rings, and necklaces by Jane Taylor Jewelry. Turquoise, opal, diamond, and more.

If loved these and you want more, head on over here to check out the Jane Taylor Jewelry website or follow them on their gorgeous Instagram here.

Want to see other flower jewelry? See Diamonds in the Library’s archive of floral jewelry here or my Jeweled Flower Garden Pinterest board here.

Turquoise flower necklace by Jane Taylor Jewelry

Photos c/o Jane Taylor Jewelry.

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