‘Godfather of Streetwear’ Hiroshi Fujiwara and legendary skateboarder/artist Mark Gonzales have joined forces for the first time, announcing their collaborative NFT project  ‘NON FRAGMENT TOKEN’. The project is set to mint on on January 27th, 2022.

The concept of the project is based on Mark Gonzales’s signature creature design, an imaginary friend called Shmoo. Shmoo has 10,000 alter egos, each of them living in 10,000 different dimensions of time.

The alter egos have been travelling between the digital worlds, and eventually found and settled in the SOLANA Blockchain.

Soulshift aims to bring together the best of two worlds — fashion and crypto. This first collaboration earmarks the beginning of Soulshift’s journey as a launchpad into a much bigger world of opportunities with brands, designers and artists in the fashion world. 

“We are living through a great change where art can last forever in the world of Web.3, and it’s a great honour to see such big designers joining this movement”, says Owen Ho, Head of Operations at Soulshift.io. 

For more information, please do refer to the press release attached to this email, and visit .

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