How to join Dr. Francis Mbunya Scrum Master Coaching Circle. Land a job with confidence. Click the link below” Email: [email protected] Connect on LinkedIn: Follow on Instagram: Facebook Community: MUST Watch topics: Tell me about yourself Video: How to pass your first Scrum Interview: Mistakes to avoid on your resume: ———————————————————— How to Become a Scrum Master A Scrum master is one of the primary roles on an Agile project using the Scrum framework. This person is the key facilitator, responsible for arranging the daily meetings, improving team interactions, and maximizing productivity by removing roadblocks. Here’s an overview of how to become a Scrum master in seven simple steps. Step 1: Learn the basics of Scrum Step 2: Choose your Scrum certification Step 3: Attend a Scrum course Step 4: Register for your exam Step 5: Study for your exam Step 6: Take and pass the exam Step 7: Practice and pass your job interview About Dr. Francis Mbunya A servant leader driving successful business outcomes while building self-sustaining organizational agility on the pillars of transparency, inspection and adaptation. 13 Years of expertise in building high performing, self-organizing teams that can delivers customer focused high quality solutions. Experienced at leading businesses and IT teams through Agile transformation through mentoring, training, coaching, and fostering communities of practice. A leader inspiring change within organizations to drive Agile maturity through frameworks such as Kanban, Scrum, XP, LeSS and SAFe. Helping organizations create a culture in which teams, leaders, individuals can thrive! I’m adept at launching new products, repositioning existing products, and accelerating growth and revenue by focusing teams on customer motivations, market facts, and data. I’m passionate about translating strategy into reality, executing with speed, and relentless improvement. Passionate about book writing and I have coached more than 20 business leaders to write and published a book that promote their core value and connect them to new markets and clients. Background: Agile | Agile coaching | Scrum | DevOps | Scaled Agile | SAFe | LeSS | Pragmatic Marketing | Program Management | Project Management | gap analysis | user-centered design | customer success | customer retention | coaching dojo | Mentoring product managers | collaboration | failure | retrospectives | business cases | innovation | launching new products | project management | roadmaps | Lean Startup | Lean Six Sigma process improvement | Jobs to be Done | servant leader | systems thinking | PMP | PMO | CSP | CSM | CSPO

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  1. wow this helped so mucb! lol im in the healthcare field and i was clueless as what to do for a case study

  2. Please how can I see your new video when u upload them. i have subscribed but yet i don’t see them when you drop them

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