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  2. I got the job!!
    I’ve managed to get my first role as a scrum master. Once again, thanks for all your content on YouTube, it’s been a great help.
    I would like to tell everyone who is wanting to become a scrum master, keep applying for jobs and maybe even get a certificate. Most importantly listen to this guy, he’s got a great amount of knowledge on the scrum methodology and thanks to him I got my first job 😁
    Good luck to everyone 🤞🏼

  3. Just one question…sir can a complete non techie or a public sector banker turns into scrum master…i mean be succesful in a scrum role or survive in an IT industry

  4. I’m in a very niche veterinary technician field trying all the things to transfer industries and get into tech. I have my PSM-1 but no experience. Applied my soft skills in resume. I’m looking into jira and relearn the scrum guide and agile methodologies. Any and all advice helps! Thank you

  5. I have 7+ years of experience as a medical writer, can you help me if I can translate my career as a scrum master, will the industry agree upon my profile if I included that all the years of experience with all the soft skills I have. Or do I really should have at least knowledge of a developer? To get into scrum master role?

  6. Really good stuff in here and very insightful. Where you have hit the nail on the head is the aspect of ‘transferrable skills’ !!

  7. Hi….
    Thank you for your valuable tips..
    I have nearly 4 years of non IT experience and I was a team lead over there…. After 4 years of carrier gap… I’m looking for a job opportunity as a scrum master… May I know which certification is better csm or psm.. My plan is to do safe scrum but not sure what to do first.
    Thank you.

  8. Hello! Thank you for all your useful videos🙂
    I was working as a content strategist and am now transitioning my career to Agile and Scrum. I have all the necessary certifications and knowledge regarding the same. Could you help me with the resume preparation as I don’t know how to fill the sections with no experience in Agile and Scrum?

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