In this video I’ll show you how to use Xero in 16 minutes. Xero is a popular cloud accounting software similar to QuickBooks Online. There are three subscription levels depending on your requirements:

▪ Early
▪ Growing
▪ Established

You’ll find out what the Xero Dashboard looks like and then we’ll cover the Organisation Menu, the Create Button, and the Navigation bar in detail.

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00:00 – Intro
00:11 – What is Xero?
00:47 – What does Xero do?
01:07 – Which version of Xero is right for you?
02:02 – What does Xero look like?
03:19 – How does Xero work?

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15 thoughts on “How to use XERO (2022)

  1. yo please make a video on types of errors and how to correct the errors using journals and SUSPENSE ACCOUNT, PLEASE!

  2. Would love a video on intercompany transactions/ journals between sister/parent companies within Xero 😬

  3. Thankyou, a video on setting up opening balances would be great. That’s is entering an existing business into a new Xero subscription.

  4. Great content. Can you do a ‘which is better: QB vs Xero” review where you discuss the pros and cons of each to help us decide what to use on our business? Please and thanks!

  5. did not like this. I need to see the actual accounting all day long— AP entry, creating AR invoice, AP payment AR invoicing—-this is just all peripheral stuff

  6. Would you recommened Xero or Quickbooks for a sole trader with 1-10 freelance clients, an Etsy shop selling prints and taking on private comissions? I’d like to upgrade from my trusty spreadsheet, plus MTD looks like to be unavoidable, so would like to get up to speed now with online accounting and bookkeeping 🙂 Is there any advantage to either software? Thanks James, love your content – nice and concise for simpletons like me! XD

  7. My company uses Xero to service our clients. It is such a flexible cloud accounting softwares!

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