I have a difficult relationship with earring butterfly backs.

I have tiny earlobes so I can only wear small, lightweight earrings. I usually wear stud earrings 24/7. I don’t take them out because the holes are so close to the edges that I don’t want to make them bigger.

Earring butterfly backs often work themselves loose, or the back doesn’t fit well with the original post of the stud. This means an increased risk of the stud falling out.

I am not sure why I had never heard of these Lox locking earring backs before, but I changed to them a month or so ago and have not looked back.

I bought a set of silver and a set of gold and they are wonderful. Easy to get on and off but lock really tightly so there is no way the back is going to work itself loose on the post.

They were cheap and I love the tiny plastic boxes they come in, toned to match the colour of the backs.

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