The hardest part of bracelet-making class? Choosing the beads.

So far at the Art & Innovation Center (the old library at 356 Boston Post Road), the Owl has taken several classes and enjoyed them all. Acrylic painting, more acrylic painting, drawing, Cricut creative design and t-shirt making, and just last week, bracelet making. All have been fun to learn, and the double benefit comes in with the social interactions with classmates during one-off classes (bracelets) as well as the six-week classes (drawing to painting).

Classes are held on weekdays and on Saturdays. The newest schedule is out in the AIC’s newsletter, and I note that there is another bracelet class so of course I am going to have to recommend it. As a triple bonus (along with learning a new skill and making new friends), you get to take home some pretty stuff and pretend you will give it away as a present. Oh, wait, quadruple bonus; you will meet Carson Eddy, the instructor, for whom there are no bad days in creative pursuits. And a straight face when greeted by my ‘treasures.’

Bracelets. Why does one have Brazil colors? Que coincidence.

What else is coming up? Let’s see the calendar. Here’s a fun one: Valentine’s Day cards with Elizabeth Young. Does anyone need me to review the history of St. Valentine?

No? How disappointing. St. V. definitely deserves a card after being all executed and stuff. What else? A Nantucket woven wine basket, mosaic class (super appealing in its possibilities of purposefully breaking stuff), and silk scarf making. Bookbinding. 3-D printing certification. So much to learn, so little time. Also, some of these classes have a registration that closes this week–hurry along, now.

Sign up for AIC’s newsletter which will keep you apprised of all the possibilities. And then sign up for a class.

Fun to be had by all. Now, who would like a bracelet?

Bracelet making at the AIC; mathy and pretty

As the makerspace branch of the Weston Public Library, the Art & Innovation Center extends the Library’s commitment to community and literacy through art and technology. Exposure to new ideas, processes, and skills empower patrons to create through art, technology and digital fabrication. You can find out more at

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