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Folks, if you don’t know what happens when a great organization or committee does not get enough good volunteers, let me tell you. Def Leppard happens. The Music Committee at the Weston Public Library is looking for new members and if they don’t find them, the Owl will have to get in there and change the mission to all 80s hair bands all the time. Okay, maybe interspersed with James Taylor and Jimmy Buffet because eclectic tastes are the most fun, no? I think I may not totally understand the budget constraints.

In other news, and before I get into the real words of beseechment to join the Music Committee, please know that the Owl is on temporary hold because one of the shift keys on her computer has simply given up the ghost and it makes me crazy not to be able to capitalize anything not on the QWERTY side of life. Yes, the 6-year old MacAir has suddently said ‘no thank you.’ So if I can’t capitalize it from my right-hand shift key, it does not get capitalized and officially this is annoying me a lot. i will be back when I either smash this computer into smithereens and just go with dictation, or buy a bluetooth keyboard, or borrow my kids’ Chromebook from 2011. Sigh.

Here is the officialese on the Music Committee. And a summary–volunteer for committee = good music. Don’t volunteer = Van Halen derivatives. You choose.


If you’ve ever ventured into the Library’s Community Room and seen the beautiful Steinway baby grand piano there, you may wonder (1) why it’s there and (2) what it’s used for. But if you’re a music aficionado, you probably know that the Library hosts up to 9 concerts a year, often involving the piano, on Sundays in the Community Room. [Ed; note that the keyboardist for Def Leppard is pretty good, this could work].

[Ed; just sayin’. photo credit Def Leppard]

“How do these concerts magically come together?” you may ask.

Who plans the concert schedule, interviews and vets. the musicians, publicizes the concerts, and performs all the behind-the-scenes tasks involved in “putting on a show” as Mickey Rooney and Julie Garland said in “Babes in Arms.”

The answer is easy—for almost 25 years, members of the Library’s Music Committee, now part of the Friends of the Weston Library, have been doing all the tasks necessary for producing their Sunday Concert Series. When Covid interrupted in-person performances for over two years, the Committee, with invaluable technical assistance from the Library, put on a series of video performances with terrific musicians from all over the country.

The good news (besides the fact that the Owl is not on the Committee) is that in-person performances in the Community Room are back! So far, the Committee has presented an excellent barbershop quartet, a wonderful string ensemble with musicians from the Brookline Symphony Orchestra, and a fabulous piano soloist. Up next, starting in March, are a piano 4-hands duo, long beloved by Library audiences; a fantastic wind ensemble; and a pianist known for his exuberant playing and even more exuberant introductions to his program selections.

There’s a catch. In order to keep presenting amazing concerts like these (and not hair bands from the 80s) the Committee is looking for new members who’ll help out with all the tasks involved in putting on a show. You can visit the Committee’s website to see performances from recent concertseasons AND to find out more about joining this very congenial group. No need to be a virtuoso musician—or even live in Weston—to join. A love of music and enthusiasm about sharing it with the community are the only prerequisites. Just click on the website’s “Join” button for more information.


Finally, in one of the finest moments of Car Talk with Teenagers, one Owlet sang along with Photograph (by Def Leppard of course) yesterday on the ride home from a friend’s house. Except he sang “Foreign Debt” instead of Photograph which means I have failed the music education of my children. He was surprised by the actual lyrics. Sigh.

[Foreign Debt], I don’t want your
[Foreign Debt], I don’t need your
[Foreign Debt], all I’ve got is foreign debt

Volunteer, Weston!

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