It seems that every month United Airlines offers a slight variation on its cheeseburger, so for this week’s Meal of the Week let’s review the “steakhouse cheeseburger” I enjoyed earlier this week.

Steakhouse Cheeseburger On United Airlines – Yea Or Nay?

United Airlines promises that improvements to its onboard catering are coming, and they cannot come soon enough to Polaris Business Class. When it comes to domestic cabins, though, I find the current selections are very much hit or miss. While the chicken curry is not fit for (imaginary) dog, the burgers are usually a safe choice. Last month I wrote about the delicious bacon cheeseburger that was simply sublime. Yes, sublime.

I actually pre-ordered the smoked five spice tofu bowl (side note – I am trying to reduce red meat consumption this year and trying to develop an appreciation for tofu. I’m not sure if airline tofu is the way to accomplish this, but I figured I’d try one).

Well, that was not catered.

Instead, a steakhouse cheeseburger was loaded, which was described as a “steakhouse burger with cheddar cheese and peppercorn sauce.” The meal was served with a grain salad, bread roll, and cookie…talk about a carb overload.

The burger was very good and I did eat the pretzel bun (leaving the other carbs on the plate), which adds a lot to it.

I do not think the cheese was cheddar, though – it looked and tasted more like a white cheese.

My suggestion to United: add a fresh green salad and bowl of fruit to every domestic meal. It’s simple, but people love it. I brought my own salad from the grab-and-go lounge and enjoyed it onboard with the burger.

Anyway, the burger was very nice. I do recommend it among the other options, though I will try again for the tofu bowl next time.

Have you tried the steakhouse cheeseburger? How did you like it?

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