The Arctic Blast: What to Know

Ice patterns at Jericho

Here are the Arctic Blast need-to-knows according to the Owl:

  1. It is going to be super hyper-cold for 24 hours. You don’t really need to know the numbers but it will be cold. The Owl has done this kind of cold before because she thought going to graduate school in Evanston IL seemed like a good idea. She did not get into UCLA. She never regretted it. This bitter cold sucks, but will soon pass, and then you still live in the best town in the best state in the country.
  2. Treat this freeze fest as a lovely staycation. For instance, Wakanda Forever is out on Apple TV. That is one hugely long movie. it can probably get you from -10 to -20 windchills. There are many Oscar contenders ready for binging. Oh wait, you have to work (which oddly my autocorrect just made into ‘twerk’, the macbook being on its last legs), so make a cup of tea, put your slippers on under your desk and work from home if you can. The walk from the parking lot is not worth going in. If you are a Weston town employee, you have no idea how appreciated you are. Still, wear slippers whenever possible.
  3. This is not the time to get cheap with your heating bill. Turn it up.
  4. If for any reason your heat is not working, there is a warming station at the Weston Police Department, 180 Boston Post Road Bypass. In addition, you can snuggle K9 Knox (oh, whoops, no). Incidentally, most police or fire stations in the region have warming stations. Ask for help if you need it or decide which of your neighbors is most likely to have baked something and go there. This is what neighbors are for.
  5. Finally, if you are like me and hate the sound of high winds (way too many years on the hurricane coast), play Brazilian music at a high level. I recommend Marisa Monte and maybe a bit of Skank to bring summer in.

You know how I like to say that there is no bad weather, only bad clothing? Well, forget that. Stay inside. Or, be like my friend Rita who lives in Saskatchewan which is really hard to spell correctly. Here’s her post from yesterday with her dog Buddy. I do like to poke fun at the Canadians but they sure are a hardy and positive lot:

Stay safe, Weston!

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